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VTR250 Scrambler adv?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by trd2000, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. So I'm thinking of converting the vtr into a bit of an adv-ish scrambler... Think better suspension, semi knobbied, panniers, and maybe a 19" front wheel...

    We've got a long term goal to tour south east Asia, where the limited top speed of the little v twin would be plenty... But could expect dubious road quality and the need to carry some gear.

    What do you reckon? Doable? Pointless?... Bearing in mind we already have the donor bike.

  2. You will need new forks for a 17 surely.

    Personally i would be worried about getting vtr parts in se asia. Would be cheaper to buy a brand new klx150 and you wont have parts isssues.
  3. Would be really stupid to ship a bike over to south east asia when there are lierally millions of cheap bikes for sale there which are comparable and will have parts in massive supply.
  4. Be careful which country you buy in but as not all countries will allow you to register in your name. If you dont have papers in your name you wont be able to cross borders.
  5. I like the idea and it has crossed my mind as well. I was considering dropping in longer and more adjustable 41mm forks from a CBR600F2/3 (which I already have at hand). That increases the front axle to 20mm which gives you a lot more options for front wheels. The stock forks are too short in length and travel and the 15mm axle size is a little bit limiting. It could also do with a longer travel rear shock. Possibly could just lengthen the swing arm, which would get more travel, ground clearance, and soften your spring rate in one mod.

    Look at the short lived Ducati Terramostro for inspiration. I call dibs on the name VTERRA though!

    I would only do it for the sake of it. I wouldn't really consider it as the best option for SE Asia touring. Although my friend did tour Russia on one.