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VTR250 running rough

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Josheos, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. I've had it in the garage for 2 months with a full tank of fuel, used it the last 2 weeks for the commute, I ran it down to 210km when I usually fill back up at 250, and it went all shit. Exhaust sounded like it was underwater, throttle was jumpy as, could barely take off at the lights. There's a click in the bike when I rev it whilst it's doing all this, then it goes all fine... Like it never happened. It's really bugging me! Could the answer be as simple as dirty fuel lines/filter? Or am I looking at a spark plug issue? I just want to troubleshoot before I end up buying a new engine because I can't figure it out. It happens when it wants to and it's really temperamental, can't figure out what it is

  2. carby or EFI?

    could be loose wiring, could be something floating around in fuel bowls/jets

    have a look in the tank and see if you can see water at the bottom, drain the fuel bowls, see if any water comes out.. etc
  3. Carby, wish I had an efi purely for this reason
  4. I would drain the tank into a clean bucket and see if any crud is in with the petrol.
    It needs sloshing around and emptied via the filler cap.

    If it looks dirty or has water in it, put some fresh in.
  5. It sounds like a fuel system problem, your engine should be ok. Had similar issues with my VTR. Had to clean out the tank to get rid of the crud that had built up.

    When you let go off the throttle, do the revs go down straight away? if not your carby needs a clean or rebuild.
  6. Y
    yeah the revs go down and up fine usually, when this happens though the revs are hard to control if I'm in motion, clutch fully in and it idles perfectly. I'll clean my tank out and run some system cleaner
  7. Check out the fuel filter attached to the top of the petcock too, could have some crud stuck in there causing it to go lean at higher revs/load.
  8. sounds like it might be on the rich side... more fuel use and reduced power (typically if you go a touch lean it will give more power which is why you hear people talking about engines that were really going strong until they blew up)

    bad fuel's an obvious starting point, sounds like you replaced it, so check the filter. But i'd be checking the air filter and making sure nothing that lives in your garage nested in there.... or the exhaust. that may also feed into the "click and then it runs fine" if whatever blocked it has moved.