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VTR250 RPM??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by paperchamp, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. i was hoping somone with a newer model VTR250 with the tacho ( i got 2000 model and it's dosent have one :( ) can tell me what RPM im doing at 80 and 100 Km in 4th gear and what 110km is in 5th and also what it redlines at? :D

  2. It redlines at 11,500rpm. Well I know 60kmh is 4000rpm in 5th. 100kmh in 5th is 7000rpm. 4th would be less than 1000rpm above that. 110kmh in 4th is 9000rpm. 110 in 5th is 8000rpm
  3. thanks for that im going to be taking it to tassi on the boat from sydney and to get to hobart im told it's 110km for a few hours of so and i was woried about how close it would be to redline for that long..but it does not seem as bad as i thought.
  4. No probs. Hey does your bike have the temp gauge on the speedo?
  5. nope no temp gauge...but through summer after a hour trip to home i usally get off once im in the garage and with the engine still running to check if the fan is on....but no matter how hot it is or how slow the traffic was the fan is never running, it's gone more than 40000k's and i've done more than half of them and i have never seen the fan on once is this normal??
  6. I spose so. I've never had it come on on mine either. They cool down pretty quick. I reckon it'd be a bad sign if it did! :wink: