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VTR250 rough idle/bogging down

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by swiifty, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. hey all, looking for some ideas as to what could be the issue with my VTR250

    basically idle/reving in neutral is pretty rough and it bogs down at higher RPM so i have to upshift sooner (mine is the 02 without the tacho but maybe at 8-9k?) - this all happened after i shelved it for 2 weeks

    ive tried so far
    draining the fuel, cleaning the fuel filter (it wasnt too bad)
    drained the carbs and flushed some fresh fuel thru them
    cleaned the plugs (both have only done about 3000kms and they were a bit black)
    ive added carby cleaner and run it around for about half a tank no real difference (maybe try a bit more?)
    did an oil change (it was nearly due anyway and teh filter has done about 3000kms)

    so this is where my knowledge ends before the next step i assume is mechanic rips the carby out cleans the jets and so forth :(
  2. Well, you've tackled the fuel side of the combustion issue. Have you checked the air.

    When I had a Spada, it presented similar symptoms to those you described. A change of air filter fixed everything. Apparently the VT engine refluxes oil vapour back through the filter which can eventually seal it. Not enough air would explain the deposits on your spark plugs.

    It may not be the solution to your problem but it's a cheap fix if it is.
  3. good point, when i had the tank off the filter was a little bit charred but cleaned up ok with some compressed air. i might have to check if theres something else on that side of things thats could cause it (vacuum system stuff?!)

    gonna fully dissamble the filter this time tho to see that its like underneath
  4. update!

    turns out the tappit(tappet??) needed adjusting on one of the sides ](*,) mechanic fixed it all up now i can ride agian and bikes running smooth as~!
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  5. Hi, what do you mean by tappet one one of the sides?