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VTR250 revs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by duncanp, May 11, 2006.

  1. My VTR250 doesn't have a rev counter.
    Would some kind person come up with a table of kph vs rpm in five gears please. Ten kph intervals would be fantastic.
    Big ask I know, but the more I read the more I realise there are some amazing people out there.

    Any comments on how the kph would drop for a given rpm for every 20k of a bike's life?
  2. 80km/h = 5500rpm in 5th
    100km/h = 7000rpm in 5th

    Thats the only two I remember.
  3. Can't give you exactly what you requested because my bike is currently off the road but........ I can give you this table from the owners manual hope you find it usefull.

    Gear Range

    1st 0-50 km/h
    2nd 20-80 km/h
    3rd 25-110 km/h
    4th 30-140 km/h
    5th 40 km/h and above
  4. Should be relatively straight forward to work out - just need to know the gear ratios and final drive ratio for a VTR (anyone know what they are?).
  5. Revlimiter in 1st = ~50km/h
    Revlimiter in 2nd = ~90km/h
    Revlimiter in 3rd = ~120km/h

    :wink: :LOL:
  6. JD here is the information you requested .

    Gear ratio

    1st 2,733
    2nd 1,800
    3rd 1,375
    4th 1,111
    5th 0.965

    Final reduction ratio 2.928
  7. Why would you want to know that?

    Your tacho is the feeling through your bum!
  8. :cool: Don't happen to know the sprocket ratio by any chance, I can work out the RPM at the engine output but not at the rear wheel (although could always guess based on the speeds/revs quoted by Mickeyb)
  9. No sorry jd I dont have that, but 7000 in fifth @100 kays is spot on
  10. No worries, working off 5th@7000=100kph I get this:
  11. . . . and a sore wrist and clenched fist while trying to hold it there ! :eek:
  12. Well, what a beauty!! Thanks JD. I do have the little manual withe gear ratios and my next job was going to be a spreadsheet but thanks for that.

    Funny thing is, I have an '84 Falcon that has a rev counter but no speedo so it's the reverse that I'm after there.

    Peter, can you verify a few of those? Say 4000 rpm is 20,30, 40 and 50kph. Can tyres make much of a difference?

    From the look of it I'm changing up at a max of c. 8000 rpm.
    and I use third a lot 5000 - 6000 for 50-60 kph.
  13. Hi Duncamp, how about the table what a beauty JD did a great job I reckon, all looks pretty right to me.

    Dont think tyres will make any difference unless you are running out of spec.

    I tend to change up at around 7 or 8k also, so you are on the money there, cruising at 50 or 60 i tend to use 4th gear but thats me.

  14. Glad you've found the table useful. As far as tyres go fitting lower/higher profile tyres can throw the speedo out unless the tyres are also suitably wider/narrower - since profile is given as a percent of tyre width (70 in the case of the factory fitted tyres). Tyre wear will also affect the speedo reading (since the tyres do get smaller) - but the difference shouldn't really be noticeable.
  15. talking about revs on a vtr 250, does anyone know the feasibility of putting an '03 (or later) dash cluster on an '02 model. are the computer and wiring harness the same for example? as far as i can tell there is no service and repair manual for a VTR 250 to help with this
  16. You may need to do a little bit of extra wiring if the non-tacho version was more than simply a cosmetic upgrade/downgrade. Chances are the wiring is all there just not plugged in, so you can probably just do a swap-er-oo and all will be well. Might be worth playing 20 questions with a Honda workshop who works on these bikes as they'd know straight away.
    I'm sure Red Wing Honda in Heidelberg would be able to tell you... apparently they fix lots of pranged VTR250's. :wink: :LOL:
  17. I checked on the way home. All spot on.