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VTR250 repairs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by quantum27, May 18, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Well, the day has arrived for my first bike drop. Luckily I walked away with a sprained wrist, and a few bits a pieces on my bike damaged.

    Can anyone recommend someone in the Sydney area that can do the repairs at a fair price?

    Damaged done:
    - Right footpeg broken
    - Headlight casing scratched
    - Right brake lever scratched
    - Right handlebar end scratched
    - Instrument casing dented and scratched
    - Forks slightly out of alignment

    The muffler is scratched as well, but I think I'll leave that out.

    Would be good if someone could give me an idea of the costs I will be looking at. Thank goodness the tank didn't get damaged. :]



  2. Is it the footrest itself, or the bracket/fitting it bolts into, ie, the footrest hanger?

    If you are not worrying about the scratches, just loosen the fork clamp bolts, top and bottom, straddle the wheel from the front, and twist the bars in the appropriate direction until the forks point straight ahead.

    Push the forks down and up again several times to make sure they stay in line, otherwise more twist is needed (usually).Then retighten all the clamp bolts.

    To check that the forks are aligned, you need to look them up and down, front and back edge, from the side. I would stand on the right side of the bike and let the wheel turn on full left lock, while doing this.

    When you run into something the forks will often bend - if you just drop the bike and it slides (without flipping) you will probably just end up with the legs twised in the yokes. This is easily fixed as I have described.

    You might also have slightly twisted/bent handlebars. This is only reliably checked by removing them and placing them ends-down on a flat surface. The clamped section should then be level on the flat surface, not lifting up on one side or the other.

    Ask if you need more info.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS Glad you are OK to tell the tale. ;-)

    PPS If you want to worry about the scratches you can easily get prices from a Honda dealer, or ring around until you find a wrecker with the bits you need. They might be scarce in the used market, however...
  3. how confident are you that you wont drop it again? damage really doesnt sound that bad, if i were you i'd only repair what i had to and leave the rest, fix it up when it comes time to sell. its heart breaking to spend $187 on a new handle bar just to drop the bike again a month later :LOL:

    btw pull the forks out and check they are straight, just to be safe :wink:
  4. :WStupid:

    Don't worry about the scratches on bars, lights and levers etc. At least not until your real confident your not going to drop the bike or you want to sell it.
  5. Pick one up from a wreckers. or buy any number of after-market items $20+. Easy to replace
    You will probably have trouble finding one. Wreckers. Maybe try a grey importer
    $15-20 from bike shop. Easy to replace
    If it's an end weight it's $20 from a bike shop for a pair. If it's the bar itself then I'm not sure of the cost of bars these days. I've hear stupid figures for standard bars but I'm sure you can pick generic ones up much cheaper. Either way, easy to replace.
    . The bikes a write off
    follow trevor's instructions