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VTR250 Rebuilt having issues starting w/pics

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Marick, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Have been trauling the forums for some time but this is my first post. My names Mark and my lovely little ride is a yellow 99 Honda VTR1000F, aptly referred to as Rumble Bee as it does have quite the throaty rumble.

    Recently I acquired 2 Honda VTR250s and spent last weekend stripping the bike that was a statutory writeoff to rebuild it into the second bike.

    Bikes in place to be dismantled.


    And then we got to the point of no return...looking like two designer deck chairs.


    Subframe back on. Working the wiring loom back into the frame.


    Air fliter, radiator and forks back on. Had to strip the forks down as two of the four forks were bent.


    Almost done.


    After 2 days got the bike all back together, cleaned up and only missing a single rider foot peg. Considering the number of years I have in motorcycle mechanics is zero it might seem obvious that the bike wont start up.

    The problem that Im having which Id love some advice on is the bike electrics all work (brand new battery) and the bike will turn over. However it will only idle for a few seconds and then die. If I open the throttle the engine wont power up to idling.

    Possible culprits at this stage are bad fuel in the tank, and possible old spark plugs. Ive just bought a pair of new plugs which I'll pop in tomorrow. The engine only has 2000ks on it but its been left for at least 2 years. I noticed that the oil, which Ive replaced along with the filter had a strong fuel smell and the fuel itself just smells really bad.

    So any thoughts...
  2. check the petcock valve in the bottom of the fuel tank, and check the breather hose to the fuel tank. Both are weak points on the VTR and if they're bad will cause this.... specially if its been sitting round
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  3. and put some decent fuel in it! lol

    and injector cleaner when it starts.... the fuel lines are probably all gummed up
  4. Removed the petcock yesterday to drain as much fuel out as I can. Seems like theres about half a litre inside the tank that I just cant get out. Topped the tank up with 2 litres of 91. The petcock was dirty but I gave it a clean and fuel is definitely coming through the line.

    There are two hoses that run off the petcock. One small and one larger. Which one is the breather tube or is that the overflow tube attached to the tank?
  5. Just want to add that I drained fuel through the carby drain nipples and fuel was flowing through, however when I did that it was the old fuel. Might drain again tonight.
  6. Check the straps that secure the carburettors. Make sure they're tight.

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    Large diam is the fuel line, Smaller diam is the vac line. It has a vacuum tap that will only flow when the engine is running. You can put the smaller diam vac line in your mouth and suck to check if the tap will open and let fuel out. Ensure the vac line is connected to the tap and the carb holder nipple.

    2 years sitting still usually means carbs off. Fuel system cleaner wont get you anywhere if they are clogged up with stale evaporated fuel which is what it sounds like has happened.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I think I might have to defer to the professionals and take the bike down to Honda. New spark plugs, checked both have a nice blue spark, clean fuel is coming through the carby drain bowl thing. Im just draining the battery trying to figure it out.

    As my Firestorm is also running badly I'll just trailer both of the bikes down to the shop and have them both checked out.
  9. Havent had the chance to get the bike down to Honda. Checked that clean fuel is coming through the carby drain bowls. Stripped the petcock and there is fuel coming through the vacuum tube.

    I think I'll pull the carbs off the second engine Ive got and switch them onto the bike. Just hope this isnt a job beyond my skill level. Erm...
  10. Just double check that statement. If there's fuel coming through the vacuum line I think you have a problem with the petcock, as that's not supposed to happen. Fuel should come out the larger diameter hose (the fuel line) when you apply vacuum (by sucking on or having the engine turning over) to the smaller line. Fuel shouldn't come out the vacuum line. That would suggest splits in the diaphragm, busted seals etc in the petcock.
  11. Thanks for that DarkAngel. Thats just my in-experience coming through. To clarify there is no fuel actually coming through the vaccum line, however there is clean fuel coming through the fuel line. Having said that I havent confirmed that fuel is coming through the fuel line when I suck on the vaccum line. The tank is off the bike at the moment so I'll check that this arvo.

    Changed the carbies over. The carby off had a strong smell of off fuel, while the carby off the second engine I had just had a soft, slightly pleasant smell of clean unleaded fuel. I may have taken a few additional sniffs beyond what is advisable by the Australian Medical Board.
  12. Its alive. Went back to the petcock and saw I had one piece around the wrong way. Jump started the bike and left it idling smoothly for about 15 mins. I'll refuel it and add some injector cleaner and let it run for longer.
  13. Glad you got it going! :D
  14. Thanks mate