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VTR250 problem changing gear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FormerUser3, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. I am the proud owner of a brand new black Honda VTR250, went for my second ride yesterday and found that it sometimes didn't like changing from 2nd to 3rd.

    Also found when I get to a set of lights and change to neutral from 1st gear it was a biatch to get back into 1st.

    Spoke to the dealer they think it will loosen up as I run it in. It's a bit scary sitting at lights and not getting the bike back into first, It felt like I was bending the gear lever to get it in.

    Any advice or experiences would be welcome... :shock:
  2. Hi Steve,

    Don't know if the reasons why are similar or not, but try rolling it forward and back just a little, while lifting the gear lever with your toe. See if that'll let it slip in. OR, just before you stop, while you're still rolling.

    The Viagra used to do that all the time. Its a good idea to leave it in first at the lights anyway :)
  3. Sometimes a blip on the throttle can help too...but being that the bike is brand new I would be dropping it off at the dealer if it persists...


  4. Tried the blip on the throttle, the way I got it in was putting putting it into second then back down to 1st. I will give it a couple 100 more k's and if the problem persists give it to the dealer to look at.

    I think I will leave it in first gear for a while at lights, and test it in the back streets (the neutral problem).

    Thanks for the advice...
  5. Considering its a brand new bike and I think it would fail a roadworthy examination on this basis alone.. I think I'd be taking it back.

    It will no doubt be an adjustment issue but if you bend linkages or levers or whatever trying to get it into gear theres a good chance they wont cover that under warranty
  6. thanks two pot screamer...

    It's got one more ride and if it happens again its next ride will be back to the dealer...
  7. Yeah, dealer job there I'd say.
    Sometimes my Spada doesn't want to go into first straight away either, when I'm in neutral at the lights. I hold downwards pressure on the lever and slowly let the clutch out and it'll pop into gear.
    Mind you, it's a 16yo bike, not a brand new one.
    When I had my brand new XR250 I never had a drama with anything sticking.
  8. Can this also depend also on what speed/revs you are trying to change up and down at? I noticed that sometimes difficult to get down to fourth to third. Well it was until I did an oil change and got the chain tightened and the back wheel aligned. But that shouldn't be the case with a new VTR. Also like Miss ZZR said with my bike if I'm in first and want to get the bike into neutral can just let the clutch out very slightly and pull it in without moving the bike forward and then will drop in easily.
    Like everyone else had suggested, run it for a little while and if problem persists see the dealer.
  9. I have had one or two minor issues with my '00 VTR250. Nothing major, or deteriorating, more nuances that I am now used to. In regards to it being unresponsive to gear changes, let the clutch out slightly unitl you hit the friction point. If the gearbox is playing silly buggers then when you graze the friction point it will sort itself out and you will have full control again.

    I've only had to do this when stationary(N/1/2 gear) and maybe 5% of the time. I've not had a problem between 2nd and third apart from the odd false neutral where the friction point trick works as well.