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vtr250 prices for parts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by brayo, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. hey all

    finally got the quote to fix my vtr250 which was stolen dropped on it's side - they didnt get it started but tried to hotwire it. The damage was mostly cosmetic.

    i thought i'd post up the quote so people will know what they're in for if they do some damage - i've got full comp insurance so i'm sweet.

    these are from my local dealer way out west here so take them with a grain of salt

    Staintune slip on VTR250 750.00
    footpeg mount 5.60
    footpeg bolt 5.44
    fuel tank 720.00
    main switch harness 214.70
    main switch 128.54
    front brake lever 22.78
    clutch lever 22.78
    handlebar ends 139.52
    instrument housing 96.86
    gear lever 44.27
    foot peg 111.90
    foot peg cover 20.42
    left hand mirror 58.12
    r/h passenger f/peg 28.44

  2. farkin hell!!! did they give your bike the once over or something

    Have a look at Neptune Mufflers in NZ - louder and cheaper :)
  3. screwdrivered the ignition then messed up the spedo prob dropped it when they took it and then ripped out the wiring trying to start it. then kicked it a few times for good measure
  4. jesus i didnt do that much damage to mine and i crashed at $0.60, some of those prices are stupidly over the mark, but thats what happens when insurance companies get the bill...