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VTR250 owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by captainraincoat, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. I am about to take purchase of a brand new 07 vtr250 and i am just wondering if there is anything that i should watch out for with this bike.

    From test riding one i have noticed that it is very touchy on the throttle (which you will get used to) in the low end but i cant really find anything else that bothers me.

    # do the gearboxes/engine take a bit to wear in?
    # what sort of fuel ecconomy should i expect from a brand new one?
    # How much does the average service cost?

    your help is greatly appreciated
  2. Skipper,

    'Firstly, Congratulations on the purchase of your new VTR250. They certainly are a great bike. I've had mine since new and it has now done almost 11,000 klms.

    The only thing I can fault on the VTR250 is the lack of a 6th gear. Sitting on the freeway at 100kph, the bike will sit on 7,000 rpm.

    Before my "accident" I was getting 290-300 klms before switching to reserve. That wasa a mix of suburban/freewat/country road riding. This was also with the stock standard muffler on. After the accident and the staintune muffler went on, my mileage has dropped to about 275klms before I hit reserve. However, the sound is so much better.

    Some people have said how good the aftermarket windscreens are, but I persoanlly havent noticed a huge difference between pre andp ost windscreen wind resistence, etc. It's probably just me, as it has got to have some benefits. Another benefit of the windscreen is that it can protect the gauges in case of an off ands trhe windscreen is only $120 to replace.

    Enjoy the ride and keep the rubber side down.
  3. i did not get the chance to take it up to 100 but from what i have heard it cruises along nice

    windscreens im not that interested in,the only aftermarket bits i may buy is a neptune muffler (but not for a while yet)

    thanks for your input
  4. Aftermarket muffler is definately the way to go. They sound so much sweeter.
  5. hahaha, i generally got about 220 before reserve, worst was almost 8l/100kms :cool:
    just dont wring its neck to much in the first thousand kms, avoid hard acceleration. after that, good to go.
    major service from honda dealer will set you back about 500 bucks, but this includes alot of shit.

    mate they are a fcuken awesome bike, mine has withstood 45000kms of my riding style and still goes like nothing else (for a 250) im real sad to be selling her tbo

    pipe and braided lines are the best mods.

  6. # do the gearboxes/engine take a bit to wear in?
    My gearbox was a bit clunky to start off with (maybe 1500-2000km) is perfect now. Engine needs the "normal" run in period.
    # what sort of fuel ecconomy should i expect from a brand new one?
    Almost always get 300+ per tank.
    # How much does the average service cost?
    Anywhere between $250 & $400.

    Pipe is definitely a worthy investment and I haven't found much difference in fuel consumption since putting it on, but adds probably 10-15% power (and 50% noise!). Screen tends to add a bit of stability.

    Enjoy your new ride!

  7. I usually get around 200 before reserve. the bikes done 73000 kms, about 20 000 of them done my be, and they're bloody tough kms for a little engine. I don't find my throttle too touchy? Though that could be something to do with the age....

    First few thousand take it easy, don't sit on constant revs for long periods. Change the oil after 500 or so kms.

    Screens do make a big difference at speed (+80), so if you do lots of highway riding, i'd recommend one (the National Cycles F18 looks hot on the VTR).

    Neptune pipes sound fantastic (i have one). They're so bloody loud.

    I'd recommend a set of clipons if you enjoy riding through twisties. They make the bike turn quicker and feel heaps better/more controlled in corners. I had to get aftermarket indicators as a result though (damn :p :roll: )

    Sprocket Changes are fun too, i'm gonna do mine when it's new chain time!

    Servicing, depends what you get done. Most of the day to day stuff you can do yourself easily with the shop manual and a few tools. For a basic service its around 250 (oil/plugs/check everything). For more work the price goes up. I think my last service was around 500, which was a basic service plus valve clearances, and a few other bits and bobs that needed doing. I've got it booked in for tomorrow and i'm getting the steering bearings replaced, fork oil changed and valve clearances again. Was quoted around the same as last time. I did the oil and plugs myself the other week which cut down on the costs.
  8. Thanks for the help so far

    i am looking at a neptune pipe but i have spent almost 2k on bike gear so im a little poor atm

    are the a easy pipe to install?

    from what i read its just a hacksaw and a few bolts

    im thinking of holding off about 6 months or so before i do (other expenses) but i have also heard of some homemade mods with a power drill and a baffle??

    anyone have any links on this?
  9. You can debaffle the stock pipes, which is basically ripping the guts out.

    PS, you might miss the 6th gear, but I have a 6th gear and don't use it.
  10. Could you send it to me, please? I'll use it.

    Trevor G
  11. Cambo, wouldnt that have a lot to do with your own personal height?
  12. I was riding down the Eastern freeway yesterday and thinking about the windscreen and instead of being buffeted in the stomach, I was getting hit in the upper chest. So I guess they remove the wind factor a bit, or they just displace where you get buffeted.

    But yes, height will effect how much you get buffeted.

    Still, coming down the freeway, got her up to $1.30 before backing off the throttle, but dont have a problem sititng on $1.20 or 8,000 rpm.

    As I was riding along, I was wondering what the wind buffeting would feel like at $2.00 on a naked bike (i.e. S2R1000).
  13. buffetting at those speeds isnt that bad, but sustaining for extended periods of time isnt real fun. but that of coarse is off set by the relative speed.
  14. how do you guys get 200Ks+ before reserve? what kinda traffic conditions do you ride in. I get about 130-150 riding around the city :(. last time i had to go in reserve at 103, must've been some dodgy i got from a servo out in the middle of nowhere. Do you guys fill right to the top? the manual says fill to some bottom thing, but i cant see it.
  15. i said it before in your other post, you have something seriously wrong if you cant get above 200km before reserve, from a full tank.

    take your bike to a Honda Mechanic dude :shock:
  16. That fuel economy sounds real wrong.
  17. I fill all the way to the top and use premium if it's available. I get around 280+ depending on how I ride. I don't see how you can be getting just 130-150, unless you ride around at 8,000 revs all day...
  18. Even absolutely wringing the neck of the VTR250 through twisty, hilly roads, the lowest I've gotten was 220km to reserve, and that was when I only filled to the very bottom of the filler neck (the manual's talking about the "throat" that you put the nozzle into).

    If I know I'll be riding a good distance straight away I'll often fill it "all the way", since I'll consume enough fuel to remove the risk of overflow from heat expansion. 270-290km to reserve, like that.

    I didn't bother with Premium. My 2000 VTR's manual said "use regular!", which means the ECU doesn't know what to do with the higher octane petrol and consequentially will make the exact same power output and fuel efficiency. If an engine isn't designed to need the higher-octane fuels, there's no point using it.
  19. Welcome to the VTR250 club. Love my bike and love the staintune pipe. I've had no issues with my bike at all. Not a one. I'll get to 300 before reserve just about every time, fill it to the top and use plain old unleaded. Am I bad?
  20. I get about 230k's from mine before hitting reserve. That's riding thru the Adelaide hills and 100kmh highway work mainly.
    Makes no difference at all whether I run standard or premium unleaded, in fact I think it actually goes slightly better on the standard brew.
    If I run that E10 biofuel shite I get about 30k's less per tank for the same volume of fuel so I try and avoid that stuff if at all possible.