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VTR250 or Spada?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SlCKB0Y, May 22, 2005.

  1. I have just gotten my L's and am tossing up between a Spada or a vtr250. As far as I can tell I will spend somewhere between 3k and 4k for a good Spada, and between 5 and 6k for a good vtr.

    The only thing i like better about the spada is the cost :)

    is there anyone here who owns one of these bikes, or has ridden one or both of these bikes and can offer an opinion? I'm particularly interested in any major performance or reliability differences between the two.

    Thanks! :)

  2. I believe they are essentially the same bike aren't they? :?
  3. Mechanically they are similar (search function will find a lot of matches for this issue)

    The key differences are that the Spada has a superior frame and a six speed gearbox (compared to the VTR250s steel tube frame and five speed gearbox). The Spada was released with a tacho whereas only the later model VTR250s came with one.

    One of the criticisms of the Spada is that it is set up for shorter riders than the VTR250. However, I am around 6 foot tall and dont have any trouble with sitting on a Spada for eight hours of riding.
  4. I was wanting a VTR when I was looking at purchasing first bike, but as templemonkey said, the Spada is better for shorter riders. Only the balls of my feet could touch the ground on the VTR, but my foot is flat on the ground on my wonderful, funky little spada. She rocks my world. I'm glad I spent less money on my first bike (cos it's 99.9% probable that you will drop your first bike at least once), and I also enjoy the 'cult' status of the spada. :) She's hot and sexy, with an attitude that suits me - she can be cruisy or grunty, depending on my mood. And, I've taken my bf on his CBR250RR a few times at the lights lately, much to his chagrin. :LOL:

    Also, the spadas seem to maintain their resale value really well. In fact, the average market price of a spada has gone UP in the six weeks since I bought mine.
  5. Who started a Spada thread without me???

    Go the Spada. 8)
  6. What would be a good price? Are they a reliable bike?
  7. the price can depend on where you're located and whether you're buying privately or through a dealer. As you stated in your first post, between 3k & 4k is about average.

    I paid $3,300 private sale, 18k on the clock. perfect condition except for small damage to RHS where owner had done low speed drop.

    Reliable? Don't want to jinx myself by answering. :D
  8. I have found a dealer where I can pick one up for about 3.8k with new tyres, chain etc, 3 months warranty, 12 months rego, apparently about 13000 kms :roll: , it looks good, and my brother who is an experienced rider took it for a test ride and seemed to think it went pretty well and didnt notice any issues with it.

    Is this a decent price or should i find a private sale?
  9. that's a pretty good price SICKBOY. Make sure that it's a total cost of $3800 cos sometimes those dealers get cheeky and advertise the bike at cost PLUS on road costs (rego, CTP etc). As far as I know, Scotts & Caringbah Motorcycles in Sydney both do this...

    EDIT: just so you know, I got mine for a great price.
  10. Well this was scotts and i asked and they said the price definately includes 12 months rego. i will recheck.
  11. haha! i'm getting my spada tomorow. loved the vtr250 but the cost is what led me to the spada for my first bike. prices vary, so to does the condition. i've seen absolute shockers and the asking price was ridiculous. do your homework first!
    i've had my L's for 2mths and tommorow night i'm gonna be yet another bloody spada rider on the road!
  12. Nice one twain - what colour?
  13. thanks flash. it is blue in color, her name is betty(her original owner named it) and she is so gonna need a wash!
  14. Congrats Twain, welcome to the world of Spada's.

    Sickboy, you WILL become one of us, eventually they ALL do... :twisted: :LOL:
  15. wicked! We've got quite the Sydney Spada Crew amassing at the moment. I think we're gonna need to do a Spada ride in a few months time.

    That way, Betty can meet Jade and Staci and pete's blackie who I can't remember name of (it's a reference joke that I didn't get.... at least I remember that much!) and eventually meet SickBoy's spada too. :D I think it's cool you're keeping her original name... it's the right and honourable thing to do.
  16. It doesn't matter if you go VTR250 or Spada, it's still gunna be just another Honda....... Go Kwaka,
  17. On behalf of all Honda riders everywhere: :p
  18. GO THE VTR!!!!

    Of course I am biased - I have the VTR250 and absolutely luv it!

    I found that the Spada was a more laid back riding style, whereas the VTR was more sitting up. I prefer to sit up when on hte bike.

    If you go the VTR I can send you an Owners Manual.....

    My vote is for the VTR!!!
  19. Well.I think I like the vtr a little more, but not $2000 more so i think it will be a Spada for me. 8)

    Now just to find one in good condition for a decent price....oh and hopefully in royal blue or black (call me shallow but blue will match my helmet).

    The one they had a scotts was i guess a greeny colour or maybe teal. i cant tell as im really bad with colour.

    This all being after my initial disapointment of last saturday. On the friday i went down there and saw a vtr 2003 with about 6000kms on it for 5.9k...and this thing did not had a scratch or a mark on it. i mean it looked brand new. So i got my bro the next day (saturday) to come down look it. we got there at midday and just as we got there some bloke was doing the paperwork on it :(
  20. Try Trading Post Online. That's where I got my VTR. Just another option to find the bike "you really want"........ being the VTR of course!