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VTR250 or Hyosung GT250R - some advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by boosted2000, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new member to Netrider in Melbourne, but have owned a couple of bikes up in Brisbane before I moved back to Melbourne- namely a GPX250 then a CBR250R.

    I sold the CBR before I left Brissy and am looking at getting another bike, another 250 for now and then will update later, I got my licence on a VTR250 and liked it very much, so I thought I'd buy one for my next bike.

    I dropped into Peter Stevens in Dandenong as I was passing and asked them if they had any VTR's in stock, they didn't so I was on my way out when the salesman came after me and asked me if I had looked at the Hyosung, Hyo what I said, so he showed me the GT250 and the GT250R and explained that they had just got the dealership rights to the Hyosung bikes.

    I had a look at both and was impressed by the looks and value for money (especially the GT250R), but being a Korean bike I am a bit unsure about (a) reliability (b) build quality (c) resale value. I could buy a VTR250 and pretty much sell it a year later for what I paid for it and know I had a well built reliable bike, but the lure of a brand spanking new bike for similar money is worth considering.

    Another minor issue is a pipe, with either bike I'd put an aftermarket pipe on it, the VTR would be easy, I've seen a VTR250 with a staintune on it which was pretty impressive, as for the Hyosung the guy at Peter Stevens told me they are making them, but what do they sound like with a decent pipe on them?, as good as the VTR?. I am a fan of pipes not for the show factor but it lets those around you know your there. (Provided you can be heard over the loser in the Hyundai Excel with the 4" tailpipe.....why o why o why.....it's a HYUNDAI for christ's sake....)

    Anyway, just wanting to get some feedback from anyone who's had good or bad experiences with both.

    Can't wait to come on a Netrider ride when I get some new wheels and meeting some of you fine people!!!

  2. Use the search button at the top. Or click here.

    You will find that there is already a heap of info answering your questions.

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. Can't comment on the Hyosung as I haven't had one. I had a '00 VTR250 with a Staintune pipe on it and it was a great bike. Had a lot of trouble parting with it when I upgraded once off restrictions. Another aspect was what the mechanic told me about the Honda VTR250s. Rugged little bike and hardly had any problems. So while I can't recommend one over the other, I reckon the VTR250 is a great bike.
  4. There is heaps of info on these bikes in these forums, have a search. No one has complained about quality yet.

    based on looks and size the Hyosung wins hands down - its probably the best looking 250 around IMO. If i needed to buy another 250 (hopefully i wont) i would be going for one i reckon...
  5. Hi Chris and welcome
    Plenty of info on Hyosungs AND plenty of happy owners here, anything you need to know, I'm sure you'll be able to find. Don't let "Korean" put you off; feedback from owners is uniformly good..
  6. i've also got a VTR (01 model) with a staintune and can't fault it whatsoever (except for the fact it's a 250 but hey, what are you going to do? :LOL:

    everytime i take the bike into my mechanic for a service he makes a point of telling me that 'it's the best 250 on the market'.

    my advice? if you're going to upgrade the minute you're off your P's, go the VTR - they hold their resale incredibly well. however if you're going to hang onto the two-fiddy for a while, try the hyosung.
  7. we are taking over resistance is useless.

    Lots of info on both bikes. love em both. Comes down to the type of riding and your requirements. 2 year warranty, brand new $6,200 on the road, the Hyosung won the day but the VTR came a very close second. :grin:
  8. I have not riden either of the two bikes. But welcome back to Melbourne Chris and look forward to meeting you on a netrider ride when you do finally choose a new bike :grin:
  9. I got the Hyosung.. Great bike so far... If your little it can be a bit tricky, I'm 6ft and it's perfect for me. :grin:
    Don't pay any more than $6,800 ride away for the GT250R, go & see Mick Lanyon at Peter Stevens in Dandenong & tell him Trevor sent you down there.
  10. If the choice was mine, I'd grab a second hand vtr (should get a good one for $4500 easy) and spend the savings on some good gear!

    no brainer imho :)
  11. Hi all,

    Thanks heaps for the info, and yes, I'll do a search on both models and do some reading up on them.

    I will also test ride both which is probably the best decision maker.

    Once I'm set up I'll come along to some Netrider rides, should be good.

    This is probably a question which is already been answered on the forum as well, but how long do you need to hold your learners for in Vic before you can hop on a real bike, I've had a car licence for 10 years and my bike learners in QLD for 2. (I knew I should have done Q-Ride before I left QLD!!! :facepalm: )

  12. Once you get your licence you will be on restrictions for 1 year (no pillion, 0 blood alchohol and 260 cc)
  13. I assume when you say learners you mean provisional? and Real bike = greater than 250?
  14. What do you mean by "real bike"? Isn't VTR250 a "real bike"? or a "postie" even? :?:

    Oh I get it ... RC112V is what you're after ... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I really recommend the Hyosung GT250R. I am really happy with mine. The only issues being a flat spot between 5000 - 6000 rpm in 3rd (which apparently can be fixed. And an issue of selecting neutral, which hardly seems to be too much of a bother. Plus it's big, new, shiny and handles well! :grin:
  16. GT250R is a very nice bike, only problems ive had is with selecting netralm when i take off in first and click it all the way up into second it goes into netral instead which is a pain in the middle of an intersection with a car boring down your arse.

    Also THis only started happening and only done 200K is the back rear break is squeaking really bad. Going to call peter stevens today and find out why
  17. If I had my time and money again I'd buy a Spada, then a GPX then a VTR then a Hyo. My main motivation is the costs, reliability and resale. I don't think any of the above bikes are any better than the other, of course that depends on what your doing with it.

    Might be worth factoring in insurance costs, if cost is a motivating factor. As well as repairs and resale.

    Other than that, take them all for a ride and let your heart decide :) Good luck.
  18. I fund that my back brake squeked initially, but has quietened down now. Probably just take bedding in. :wink: