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VTR250 or GS500F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ewok2000, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Just got my L's here in NSW and went into a bike shop to buy a bike. I was set on getting the Honda VTR250 and although this bike shop doesn't stock Honda, it had one 2005 model 2nd hand.

    It was a Suzuki dealer though, and the salesman was trying to convince me to get the Suzuki GS500 (naked) or GS500F (faired) instead, saying that it will last longer than the VTR250, is a better bike to ride, better for commuting etc. etc. He was very enthusiastic about the GS500F especially.

    Sat on both and found both comfortable. Didn't take them for a test ride though as was nervous about dropping/ damaging the bikes. I said I'll consider it for another week and get back to him next weekend.

    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Is the GS500F too much of a bike for a learner with only L training session experience?

  2. The thing about LAMS bikes is that they're all a below a certain power to weight ratio. You can't go too far wrong with a LAMS bike even on your Ls but ultimately its up to you; you'll need to take them both out and see which feels better and which you're more comfy on.

    A LAMS bike won't be like going out and jumping on the nearest R1 - some will obviously have more get up and go and higher top speeds and stuff than others tho cos they're different engine sizes and types n stuff.
  3. welcome, by the way :)
  4. I learnt on the GS500F had a ball on it and still miss it after I got another bike.
    I got the bike deliverd from the dealer to my house ,and REALLY took my time in the back streets practicing and after about 500km of back streets and small main roads in one week ,I was riding the twistys and taking it 80km round trip to work.
    There really easy to ride ,don't be put off my the 500cc on the side of the tank ,it's a pussy cat of a bike.
    Alot of guys have the VTR and it's a good bike also ,easy to ride and they will last for ever if looked after.
    There way just pick which one you like best ,you can't really go wrong.

    Oh and if I had to pick one again ,I would go the GS500F. :)
  5. VTR250 is a fantastic bike, would recommend it in a heartbeat.

    However if I had the dosh I would definitely have gone the GS500F, but that's because I do a lot of long distance highway riding (Sydney - Canberra) so the extra 250cc, more rider room and (limited) amount of protection would be most welcome.

    Look at the type of riding you are going to do. If it's going to be commuting with the weekend sporty ride (not touring) then I say save some money and go the VTR250. If you are going to be doing a fair bit of touring (or are a taller rider) go the GS500F.

    Saying that the GS500F will last longer is only applicable if you plan to keep the GS500F past your restrictions and not upgrade. Try to decide now whether you will upgrade when 18 months has passed.

    I also recommend that you shop around a bit more, it sounds like you've just looked at one place. Don't dismiss private sales either.
  6. I would suggest the GS would outlive the VTR (all things being equal) as the larger engine should be less stressed. Also the GS is only a little bit more powerful (~46Hp Vs ~32Hp - both figures from google). Given the option I would suggest the GS500f, either way good luck.

    EDIT: GS has peak torque at ~7000-8000rpm, that should be a fair bit lower than the VTR. This is a good thing :)

    EDIT II: The 2006 model even looks nice
  7. It might outlive it, but who cares if you upgrade (and sell it the GS/VTR) in 18 months?
  8. Good advice!
  9. If most of your riding was around the city though, wouldn't it not matter either way? If you were constantly in the twisties or long commute or touring, agreed completely, but out of curiosity for those of us who have 50km/h zones most of the way to work, it wouldn't matter which bike?
  10. The general theory I understand is the less stressed the engine, the longer its lifespan. Due to the way the two engine make their power I would imagine the GS being less stressed. Although at 50 clicks in a reasonable gear neither engine should be pushing hard. Around town on my Spada I used to try to sit on the bottom of the peak power range, so if I did need to accelerate out of trouble I could so more easily - without dropping through the gears. On the Spada this meant sitting around 8k, on a VTR this is probably about 7k.

    One thing against the GS is it's roughly 35 kg heavier than the VTR.
  11. Thanks for the feedback.

    I think I am going to stick with the VTR250 as

    1) it is lighter and so should be easier to manage for a new rider

    2) I don't plan on keeping this bike longer than I need to, once I get my unrestricted license and am comfortable with riding a bike, then I'll look around for a long term keeper

    3) VTR seems to hold its value in the 2nd hand market well.

    Looking forward to seeing some of you guys in the next learners ride.

  12. you have made the right choice!
    they are a friggen awesome bike, heaps more fun than the gs

  13. I commute daily on a GS500F

    This morning I filled up with petrol, the bike had done 532 Kms.

    I squeezed 20.3 litres into a 20 litre tank.

    When I'm commuting on a flat road at 60 kph the engine is doing 3000 rpm.

    NOTHING is stressed, not me, not the bike and not my wallet.

    my 2 c
  14. Yeah, 'outlive' is probably not really that much of a consideration: my Spada is 18 years old and still going strong, and he's probably gonna upgrade well before that. I think that if you know you wouldn't be satisfied with the GS long term then it makes more sense to pick up the cheaper VTR (and a 2005 makes more sense than a brand newie) and keep as much dough as possible toward the upgrade.
  15. Peak torque on the vtr is 8500rpm, about 23nm. peak power is at 10,500prm 32ps, or about 23-24kW. rev limiter is at 12,500 rpm. depending on how its riden it of coarse, ill get 250kms from 10 litres for commuting, some guys here get well over 300. and like bravus said, his spada is 18 years old, still going strong, and the VTR makes 4 hp less, hits peak power 3000rpm earlier, and has a lower compression ratio than a spada. i love my VTR so much, im ganna keep it when i upgrade. and im planning on upgrading to its big brother :grin:

  16. hmm.. Both bikes are great and i faced the same decision when i got my vtr..


    - looks better :p
    - sounds better, i reckon. Not sure thou
    - cheaper-ish


    - you can say "i ride a 500, look at me Blah Blah"

    haha no seriously
    - fairing protection
    - more power (google knows all)
    - 6th gear (i think), vtr has 5 :(

    Either bike won't see you regret it, but you don't have to worry about longetivity. You'll be upgrading believe me, worry more about resale.

    I agree with Haggismaen; sporty wkend ride go vtr.. comfort commute GS. Thou the vtr is very capable of touring and GS very capable of twisties, so for me came down to personal preference of looks.
  17. Why not GS500E? Strange to compare faired 500 versus unfaired 250 without including the middle option.

    They're all good options though, but I would lean in favour of the bigger capacity bike, all things being equal.

    The VTR250 is still a sweet little bike, and looks great.

    As such, no matter which way you go you cant go wrong. How good is that?
  18. Also teh larger engine will be nicer to live with commuting, more torque equals lazier riding, easier takeoffs in normal day to day riding etc.
    Just another thing to consider.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Hah, i bet Haggismaen wishes he had that little bit extra power when sitting behind the silver volkswagon :LOL:

    Seriously though, cant go past the GS500F great bike to test your abilities as you move through your own ability levels. Great mileage and a reliable bike especially if you start doing some further rides, comfy too :wink:

    My suggestion, but i'm biased :grin:
    Good luck with it
  20. Bloody oath.