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VTR250 or G650GS power / weight / price

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hongyi77, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi from Brissie,

    I will be upgrading from a scooter to a motorbike next week (hopefully) and have been doing tonnes of research on first bikes and been through the forums here, really helpful. I am 5'1" female and have been riding a 150cc scooter everyday to work and even for longer rides to Maleny and Mount Mee (Yes I did get some stares) with motorcycle buddies.

    My Qride instructor warned me that if I get addicted to riding, I will have to do Qride again. DOH! He was right, I didn't think my initial intention of commuting became a full-time addiction. I blame motorbikes.

    Issue is I will be a novice motorbike rider but have been road-riding in traffic, open roads etc. Do I go for VTR250 or G650GS?? I have gotten differing opinions from my bikie friends, some say buy the bike you want and not a stepping stone, others say go for a POS 150cc motorbike (hummm, I am already finding the 150cc scooter a little lacking, even though I have gotten to 110km/h on it no problems).

    Price is also another consideration, if I get a VTR250 second hand, a good one will be around $5k and there are some GS around low k's for $10k. I DO NOT want to drop a $10k bike!!

    Also, how does a larger displacement bike ride compared with a 250? Current scooter is probably about 130kg wet, VTR is around 160kg wet, I think GS about 190kg.

    Any thoughts welcome, I really need to think this through :) Thank you!
  2. Hongyi, welcome to NR. Do try to post in the correct forums or lose your posts. Good luck on your search.
  3. Thanks robsalvv, yeah got pm by smee, I am posting to the right forums now. I think I am set on a second hand vtr250 still...I really like the look. Will post to new bike forum when I get it ;)
  4. VTR250 is a great bike for a new rider, good power, good for commuting, decent on twisty country roads and more then acceptable on the highway.

    Other good options:
    Suzuki bandit GSF250V
    Honda Hornet 250
    Yamaha zeal 250
    CBR250RR and equivalents, they are quite low to the ground and good for small riders.

    there are others, i think that a good 250cc bike should be enough to get you past your restricted phase (i think in qld its only a year before you can buy any bike you want?) and will be cheap and you dont need to worry about dropping them, especially the naked bikes, there is not much to damage on them.
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    Thanks unconnected. QLD you can ride any LAMS bike (some up to 659cc!) until you go for an unrestricted licence after holding your restricted for a year. You have to do Qride again.

    The GS is a LAMS bike, so when I get better I can get that bike even on my restricted licence.

    Yeah love naked bike looks, fairings are so expensive to replace!

    I sat on a Cbr250 and I am on tippy toes. Probably rideable when I get more confident but.... Fairing.

  6. CB400 has a lower seat height than VTR250 so try that too!
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    Yes will do ^_^ but heavier though, will see.

  8. The G650GS is an awesome bit of kit, but you'll need to get a lower seat, I'd say.

    I've never found myself yearning for much more power, as it's all where I want it to be in the useful end of the scale (not over 150). I'll certainly keep it after getting my full licence. It'll still do 0 - 100 in 5.6 seconds.

    I doubt if I'd gotten a smaller 250 (I did consider it) as another bike I would have ridden half way across Australia and back on a whim.

    A small 250 is great fun, as long as you're not going too far and spend most of your time zipping around cities and the odd twisty bits. But screw that, I want more out of riding. There's something magic about having a GS, a bike that'll inspire you to go on long distance adventures for the hell of it, and not make you feel nervous about the odd offroad sections.

    And sod it. The G650GS is bound to be dropped, I've certainly dropped mine. But I've ridden back each time I did. Get some crash bars/engine guard if you feel iffy. Very handy if you ever go offroad.

    I'm biased, because I have one. But I think that through having the GS I've managed to find so much more to love about motorcycling with it than something smaller.
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    Good points for sure. I can get a lowered suspension kit from BMW. It is about the same weight as a cb400 I think. Nice bike...

  10. You don't mention your weight ??? ha ha I know its a girl thing.
    Tippy toe on a CBR and you are 5'5" or under.
    So under 60kg and a 250 will be plenty for you. A 600 would be awesome :)
    1. If you learn your basics well, weight should not be an issue unless you run out of petrol.
    2. A lever is a lever, a bar a bar and a tank a tank. The price of these parts or repairing them will be more about the make and type of the bike not it's capacity.
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    Hi bretto61,

    I'm 5'1" 52kg. I have to agree 250 will be plenty cos the 150 scooter never had a problem with take-off! Just that I have the throttle open all the way and sick of having to walk my hands to twist the throttle fully every time I get on the freeway, which is part of my daily commute. Also, filling up every 2 days suck big time...

    Yes have been warned about BMW parts and maintenance costs! Honda for me I think, mom likes Honda too so that will keep her happy :)

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    Like honda parts are cheap :p
  13. How far is your commute?

    Filled my VTR up last night, it took 8.61 litres and I had around 220km on the odo. I think full tank is 12ltrs including reserve.. I'm guessing the scooter has a smaller tank though.
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    Oh no!

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    To work is 20km each way, then I go to my drumming and dance classes at night from work another 7km each way? I do about 50km a day on 4 days a week at least.

    Scooter fuel tank is 7.2l with 2 litre reserve! I fill up 5l max. I can get about 200km on a tank but after almost running out WHILE on the gateway (I kept wondering what happens when it DOES run out, while staring at the fuel guage 8-O, I am not taking any chances and try to top up if I have a full day ahead of me.

  16. have you thought about the suzuki gs500 it is a sort of inbetween bike
  17. Learn to use your thumb to roll the throttle on. That way WOT (wide open throttle) is only a qtr twist of your wrist.
    Doesn't matter what your riding, you twist it right on when merging, or any other chance you get....:)
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  18. Having recently entered the bike scene, I too had the dilemma of a first LAMS bike in Qld. And yes, I'm shortish with short legs. Having sat on several sports bikes (I prefer the look of a fully faired bike) I ended up choosing the Kawasaki GPX250.

    It's ride height is perfect for me, heel is down comfortably with leg slightly bent. And in terms of weight, its around 135kgs dry. So not too hard to handle as yet at all.

    All in all, it's been a great bike, and being around 85 kg to 90 kg, it still hauls my lard-ass around with no problems. Top speed is not of concern for me in the first 12 months.
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  19. that will change after about 5-6 months
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  20. Fixed :p

    RE. OP;
    If you are on your tip toes on the cbr250, then I reckon you'd have a pretty hard time climbing up onto a gs650..

    Ive been riding a VTR250 for almost a year now. I can attest that they are a rock solid bike and mine just refuses to die :p because they are RELIABLE
    It has a nice low seat height (im 170cm tall and have short legs and I can easily flat foot both sides when stationary),
    approx~7000/10500 rpm at 100 kph in top gear - not too vibey
    Nice small turning circle with a generous steering lock - great at slow speed manouvres and u-turns
    likes to drink 91 RON unleaded (runs better) so cheap on fuel (>91 is a waste of money)
    economical! - I get approx 4L-100kms
    almost instant torque so you wont have to rev the shit out of it to get it to move
    nice comfy seating position wont put excess strain on your wrists
    Nice and narrow - great at filtering
    A good example can be had for approx $4k so it pays to shop around!

    Strong engine
    objectively the best lams bike :p ( and best looking, especially in yellow hehe)
    sounds great with an aftermarket pipe
    awesome fun on the track :D
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