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VTR250 or CBF250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Hyphen, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I've just recently got my L's and being in WA Im restricted to 250cc or lower so Im looking at being either a new VTR250 or CBF250 and I cant decide!! :roll:

    I'm a chick about 5'10 and I've narrowed it down to Honda. I really like the VTR250 coz its a v-twin but the price of the CBF250 also catches my eye. I've read other posts about these bikes and Im still unsure. Buying a new bike means its one I need to be happy with in the long run. Is the VTR really worth the extra money??

    Any suggestions would help heaps!

  2. heya hyphen. welcome to the forums and to riding :)

    i think the vtr is worth the extra bucks if you like it more :p
    try to ride them both then decide from there.

    i test rode every bike i could get my butt onto when i was shopping for that first bike. found one that i loved and then shopped for a good one.

    you're buying new so once you find the one you like you just have to choose colours :cool:
  3. Yes, its worth the extra cost.
  4. VTR250, will never let you down.
  5. Yup, go the V-Twin.

    I love my V-twin, it sounds soooo good.
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  7. there's a contest? :?
  8. VTR
    that is all

  9. If you're absolutely set on buying new then VTR. VTR. VTR. VTR. VTR. VTR. VTR. :LOL:
  10. Love my VTR .. you can't go wrong!
  11. :LOL: who won?
  12. Hello Hyphen,
    I hate to throw a spanner in the works of blind VTR adulation however let me put my two bobs worth here.
    First you need to ask yourself how long you're going to keep the bike. Do you have the means to upgrade later or do you intend to have it for a while?
    If you are keeping it, then perhaps the Suzuki GS500 naked (same price as VTR 250) might be a better option for long term usage.
    It also looks authentic japanese, whereas the VTR looks like a Ducati (although that may not be a bad thing).
    Secondly, if you're planning on learning on it then ditching it for something a bit meatier then I wouldn't even think about it, get the CBF250.
    Not only is it nearly half the price, it's a single cylinder so you get excellent grip, decent torque, unbelievable mileage etc... You could almost get it, then keep it as a shitkicker once you get a better bike.
    IMHO, the VTR is not worth the extra money as a transition bike.
    In fact, look out for a Ducati Monster 620 second hand, they should be about the same cost as a VTR250 (and they really look like a Ducati) and perhaps get your learning done on a second hand CB250, you could probably find both bikes for the same price as a new VTR.
    Hope it doesn't mess things up for you, but let's face it, you're getting a bike, you will want more power.
    The only scenario that I think you should get the VTR250 is if you're getting it then keeping it without upgrading for the foreseeable future and would rather have a Honda.
    In that case the VTR wins hands down. It is indeed a great bike.
  13. Good post Rock, I agree with most of it.

    I have a VTR , great bike (service issue with it at the moment but that's not the bike's fault).

    If you're looking to keep the bike for more than the usual 1 year restrictions transition thing and can afford it then you can't go wrong.

    If the bike is just going to be something to ride until you can offload for a bigger bike then spending the money on a new VTR may not be justified and you can go a cheaper 2nd hand or the CBF option.

    Personally, I got the VTR new as I am planning to ride it for 2-3 years minimum and wanted as good as I could get for that time.

    New VTR or New CBF ? Maybe depending on how long you plan to have the bike depends on which one is the best for you.
  14. Hey therock, before you start typing, maybe read the the opening post first...

  15. I'm going to go along with all the other blatant biased VTR owners and say the same thing. What I will say though is to make sure you get an aftermarket pipe put on it. They sound so much better than the stock standard pipes.

    I love my VTR, but am looking forward to the day that I can upgrade to the Monster s2r800 (or s4r).
  16. VTR or CBF

    Hey Pete,
    I did read the post, what I was trying to say is that since a brand new VTR is around 8.5k, that's a lot of moolah if the bike is to be used as only a transition bike to something bigger. A new SV650 for instance can be had close to that.
    Fair enough I don't know the WA rules very well, so I retract the GS500 statement. It was 1.30 am when i posted.
    Oops. Sorry Hyphen!!

    However i strongly support the argument that if the bike will be kept for a while as "the" bike then you can't go wrong.
    Looking at it from a different angle, 250cc is a massive amount of cubes for other countries. We're pretty lucky to even consider it a "beginner" amount.
  17. resale would sooooooooo much better on a VTR, if you just want the bike to commute, you might consider the CBF, if you actually want to ride it, get the VTR. the two bikes just aren't in the same league. the CBF is fugly as sin aswell.

  18. is it even worth me saying get the VTR?

    i think everyone else has said it for me :p

    but as 'viclover' (lol) said, i got an awesome bike on the cheap. sure, its 2 years old, and there was 7000km on the clock, but that means it was run in for me, and i dont have to put up with $1500+ depreciation the instant i walk out of the dealers door. plus i saved over $2500 on the purchase price!!

    so what if i dont have warranty? its a VTR, ask any previous owner, theyre pretty indestructable. agreeably the CBF is too, but theyre fugly.

    go check out bikesales.com or your local trading post, keep your eyes open and give it a little bit of time, you can score an awesome deal! :)
  19. Nope steer clear of all other bikes including most VTR's they are a heap of JUNK!!! But not mine (VTR250 06mdl) it's ace, hot and rock solid matte black with factory warranty and 4 sale. But sadly I'm in Vic.

    Hmmm I suppose there might be one other good one out there.

    Ride both & a couple of others also for good measure. Bikes are like shoes. Find one that fits Cinderella and you'll have a ball.