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VTR250 OR CB400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by barra220, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone.
    Im new to this forum and this is my first post.
    I've recently got my learners and i am keen to get my first road bike.
    I've been doing a lot of reading on here about the vtr250 because thats what i realy have in mind but with the lam's coming out soon im wondering if should hold of on the vtr250 and wait for the cb400 when it is available.
    What are your thoughts.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am a bit confused as to which way to go.
    Thanks in advance. :?

  2. The CB400 if it comes here will be a lot more expensive than a VTR. So if you buy a VTR now you'll be able to upgrade sooner, and have more money to do so. Of course if you think you'd be happy long-term with a LAMs bike then wait for the CB.
  3. There are very few cb400s around, and I believe they are all imports.

    They are good bikes though from everything I've heard.
  4. Yes but the rumour is that Honda is scrapping the VTR and replacing it with the CB400. Can't imagine the VTR would be selling all that well in Japan given a brand new Hornet 250 is only 800 bucks dearer.
    I'm surprised they'd choose the CB400 though given it's $2,500 dearer than a VTR (faired Bol Dor version is 4 grand more :shock:).
  5. the older CB400's were good,

    but i'd think that it may be considered a touch small for a long term bike for a lot of people, otheres will loe it though.

    anyone have approximate comparisons for price with say a Suzi GS500? because that's the immediate competition. Either they make a smaller bike look more attractive for price and longevity or it's not going to last wit the current popularity of the GS.
  6. If the cb400 came in and it wasn't LAMS approved, that'd be great for me :) Because not many (apart from me) would get a 400 when you have fulls.
  7. I would - but I'd prefer the retro-styled, parallel twin, CB400SS to the modern, 4-cylinder VTEC, CB400.

    As for price the CB400 sells in Japan for 50% more than the VTR - so given the VTR is 8k here that'd make the CB400 at least 12 grand. Making the semi-faired Bol Dor 15 grand :shock: . Unless of course they're going to start making them somewhere cheaper like Brazil or SE Asia. The CB400SS should only be 600 bucks dearer than a VTR - but has similar performance (slightly less power, slightly more torque).
  8. Iv been riding the VTR for the last week as i borrowed it off a friend while my bike gets fixed.

    If you can pick one up in good nick for a nice price then go for it, easy bike to learn on and will forgive mistakes, no fairings means no big $$$ if you drop or crash it.

    Its up to you with how much coin you have to spend and which bike feels better for you. But if you have your eyes set on a different dream bike then i would suggest go something cheap and easy to learn on and then spend the coin on you dream bike later on.
  10. See my earlier post. Only way it could cost less is if it is going to be made somewhere other than Japan - which would create a big question mark over reliability (especially if it's a new production line). As much fun as a P-4 400 would be it'd be hard to justify paying 12k for one (but then I never thought anyone would be willing to pay so much for a CBR125 either so who knows).
    Your best option would just be to buy a 2nd hand VTR - even with LAMs it'll still be easy to sell later on and if you still want a CB400 you can buy one later on (or just go all out and buy a CB1300 once unrestricted ;)).

  11. Thanks point taken
    I think the vtr is still the way to go.
  12. yep the older CB400SS would have been a better option, love the look of the old nakeds, they just don't make em like that anymore unfortunately....other than in Japan that is, they still sell retro styled bikes that look great.
  13. do honda do a proper 400c "sports" bike anymore, or is a fairing on a "straight up grand pa bike" now meant to be sporty.

    Would love to see a decent priced 400cc weapon hit the market.
  14. Theres no market for it, why waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on R&D for a motorcycle that doesn't have a market?

    Sure there are plenty of 400cc racing events (such as formula 400), but they have barely any coverage, and wouldnt be effective advertising.

    Don't get me wrong, I love little bikes, but theres not point to little sports bikes any more, learners looking for sports bikes will often just buy second hand, and a lot of the world market doesn't follow our learner systems anyway.
  15. I agree with you 100% in terms of why its not done. I just disagree with why its not done.
  16. option for you?

    hey Barra220, if you wanna wait for lams, I have an xvs650 I have or sale, an 02 model. nice cruiser, great sound, got the bags, boards etc..

    check the classifieds section here, I am in essendon so bikepoint or bikesales might be an easier find, have got good pics on bikepoint..

    just a thought, either way, you make sure that you choose the bike that is most suitable for you an your needs!!! You are paying for it, and you are riding it..Alot would suggest you dont buy a 'new' bike as a first bike..

    cheers and good luck..
  17. Couldn't be more than $10'000. Should be substantially less in fact, when you compare you can buy an SV650 or the new GSX650f for $10k.
  18. Agreed. But that'll only happen if Honda makes it cheaper to build (ie outside of Japan) or runs a much lower profit margin than the VTR.
    Besides I don't think price would necessarily be that restrictive - just look at what people are willing to pay for POS CBR250s and RVF400s simply because they're learner legal.
    Of course I'm still hoping they'll bring in the CB400SS instead (hello cafe racer project :grin: ).
  19. Hi everyone thanks for all your help.
    I finished up buying a vtr250 today. I'll pick it up wednesday. Cant wait. Thanks again.
  20. :woot:

    another one who made the correct decision :p

    *adds another mark on the list of VTR Learners* :grin: :LOL: