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VTR250 Oil filter? Where to buy and what is the filter number/name?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Darren96, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow riders,
    Just picked up my 2003 vtr250 (upgraded from gt250 as I decided I'd like to keep a good little 250 around for a while (cheap fuel), but I want to start from scratch with the servicing so I know where its all at (changing oil, new oil filter, replacing coolant, probably bleed the brakes and check out the air filter). Just can't seem to find which oil filter I need that will fit my bike (usually shop online). Also wondering what type of coolant i should throw in it? Just normal car coolant or go motorbike specific (live in Brisbane QLD so it's pretty warm up here. cheers!

  2. For coolant check this thread https://netrider.net.au/threads/coolant-for-vtr-250.83488/

    Google gives me a heap of results for an air cleaner for your bike. Local bike shop or a Honda specialist is an option. Sometimes they will have bike filters at places like Supercheap but maybe not yours. Product application books in shop may help.
  3. Genuine Honda oil filter part number is 15410-KEA-305, you can also grab a Ryco branded filter from Supercheap Auto and the like, but I can't remember the part number nor if it came with o-rings (which the genuine one does). Also make sure you check the spark plugs since you're doing everything else.
  4. For my VT250 (Spada; older version vtr) the servicing stuff

    Coolant and Oil: Supercheap/Auto one (10W-40 oil)
    Brake Fluid: DOT4 at Supercheap
    Chain lube: supercheap
    Oil Filter: eBay (just searched for spada, so reckon do the same for the vtr)
    Brake Pads: ebay " "
    Brake Discs: wreckers
    Spark Plugs: eBay (look up the id numbers in the manual)

    never bought an air filter yet but I reckon ebay is your best bet.
  5. just decided to go to the dealer and picked up a couple of filters for 6 bux each and 4l of oil (genuine honda stuff). They don't recommend 10w40 for these bikes anymore. It's 15w40(could be 15w50) that they recommend. also found it strange that when Installed the oil filter. they new oil filter had an extra small o ring that goes around the bolt which goes back up into the engine, however there wasn't an old o-ring of this type on the bike. guessing it was forgotten on a previous service or its a new addition? put it on anyways
  6. Ohhh fair enough. I just by the dealer manual on the Spada although it is 24 years old haha. Although the oil change I did a few weeks ago I chucked in 15 rather than 10 and found, when cold, the engine was harder to crank, and the clutch didn't disengage completely (although not to a point where it'd be an issue).

    Good find on the filters thats cheap. Whereabouts is your dealer?
  7. Well I Used to go to teammoto slacks creek, but after countless experiences with terrible customer service both in the shop and the service department decided to go elsewhere. now use teammoto marooka (who are great, great service department) but the filters I got my mate to pick up for me from Toowoomba Honda in Toowoomba on his way back to Brisbane from there. bought a lot of my childhood dirties from there and were always great.
  8. woops I forgot to read you were in brissy

    next time I plan a 1500+k trip, I'll be at toowoomba with 6 bucks :p