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VTR250 Oil & Filter Change

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Cambo, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. I was hoping to do an oil and filter change on the VTR (2006 model) today. However, there is nothing in the manual on how this should be done, except by a Honda dealer, and not being overly mechanical thought I would like to give it a go. But cannot see where the actual filter should go.

    My saga so far, I went to 1 place in Ringwood and got 1 Litre of 20W/50 shell oil. They had run out of filters, so i went around the corner to the place that Lil recommended. Well I got a filter and another litre of oil as the VTRrequires 1.5 Litres.

    I get home to find that the oil I got form the 2nd place was 15W/50 so i cannot use it with the other and the goose that served me gave me an air filter instead of an oil filter.

    So being typical Cambo, I gave up and went to watch the local footy instead.

    Does anybody know how to correctly perform and oil & fitler change on hte VTR250.
  2. Its not that hard to do, but I would suggest trying to find someone local who is willing to do it for you while you watch and learn, so you can do it yourself next time around :)
  3. Unless the specifications have changed for VTR250s over the years, it will need 2.1L of oil if you are changing the filter.

    Changing the oil (and filter) is a piece of piss. There is a link to a copy of the VTR250 service manual kindly scanned and upped by our own JBot floating around somewhere on these forums.

    Having a rear stand makes this easier, but is certainly not needed.

    - oil
    - oil filter
    - funnel
    - a pan large enough to catch all the oil in
    - old rags/paper towels to tidy up
    - socket wrench or other suitable tools

    Idle the bike for a while to heat the oil up so make it more fluid. Switch the bike off and whack it on the stand. Put the pan under the sump (underneath the lowest part of the engine where the two bolts are).

    Undo the sump plug (the larger of the bolts, with the metal washer around it, it should be removed by rotating it in a clockwise direction) to let the oil out into the pan. Try to catch the bolt before it falls out, but no biggy if it goes for a swim (watch yourself, the oil can be quite hot depending on how long you let the bike idle).

    Let it run out, when the flow starts to slow jump on the bike and lean it over from side to side, rocking back and forth to get as much oil out. You can leave it sitting for a bit.

    Next, unscrew the smaller bolt, this is the oil filter cover plate. Take note of the order of how the spring/filter go on the bolt. A fair amount of oil will come out from here as well so let it drain. After it seems to be all out, put it all back together with the new filter, and screw it back in. Screw the oil sump plug back in.

    Now the fun part. Unscrew the plastic black filler plug on the oil case. Start pouring in the oil. Check occasionally (get the bike completely upright, and look into the oil level window to see how you are going, you may not need the full 2.1L, or you may need slightly more just make sure you stay between the min/max levels in the window).

    Once that's done, screw the cap back in. Idle the bike again to warm the oil again. Switch it off, get it fully upright again and check the oil window level to make sure you have the right amount.

    Tidy up and you're good for another 6000km.
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  4. Haggis,

    Thanks for the instructions. I gave it a very good go and when I finally had finished I was tipping the old oil into the empty oil containers and low and behold there was a metal washer in there.

    Shit!! Where did that come from. The only thing I can think of was it goes between the oil filter and the spring. So, I drained all the oil again, took out the filter again, then put the metal washer between the filter & spring and put it all back together again.

    The only major thing that confused me was when refilling with oil, it took almost 3 litres, yet the tank capacity is only about 2.4. Not sure what happened there.

    Anyway, went for a good run from Box Hill into Kew around Yarra Boulevard then into the city and back out. All seemed ok, so I'm happy and confident I can do it again.
  5. Check the sump plug it has a metal washer as well.

    Next time you go for a ride, when you hop off check the oil level in the window (make sure the bike is completely upright) just to make sure everything is good.
  6. Some goes in the filter, but a 600ML difference is a lot!