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VTR250 not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by infinityx, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Welp, i've been away for about 4 weeks and haven't ridden the bike. Tried turning it on yesterday and basically its turn over but the bike doesnt start.

    After trying with choke and without choke, kill switch all the usual culprits the battery slowly drained Doh!!

    I went and bought a battery charger and charged the battery, tried again and same thing happens. Sometime it does try to start but probably for half a second or so.

    I am thinking the fuel is too old maybe? cause it was working fine when i put it in the garage 4 weeks ago.

    Anyone know how to drain the fuel on a VTR250? is it a big task? I'm not too comfortable messing with the bike since i am a noob when it comes to that sort of stuff :(

    I was thinking of either calling a mobile bike mechanic http://www.mobilemotorcyclerepairer.com.au or signing up with NRMA and having the bike towed to a mechanic.

    What would be the better option?

    Thanks Guys.

    Bah such a lovely weekend and didn't get to ride :(
  2. Can you push start it? and check the fuel tap is on , as if off the fuel in carby may of evaporated
  3. Check your oil level. If it seems abnormally high, it could be you had a stuck float and you have fuel in the oil. When my gpx did that it wouldn't start.
  4. thanks for the advice guys.

    Fuel tap was on, i thought my spark plugs needed replacing. So i decided to do the 18000km service early (well not really because its been 12 months). Anyway they guy did the minor service and put a couple of brand spanking new tyres (brigstone BT45). Cost me $790 all up (there goes my Friday nights) and i still need new front brakes :(.

    anyway i tried starting the bike and it didnt start. No idea since he was aparently starting it just fine.

    I charged the battery again and tried again, and it started.!!!

    Tried to start it the next day and i think the battery died again, cause i recharged the batery and the bike started.

    So either i have a leak somewhere or the battery needs replacing.

    The thing is, should the service have identified the bad battery? (if it really is that?) i am getting the guy to come and have a look at it again hopefully at no extra charge.
  5. If the battery is dying overnight, there should be no response at all when you turn the key. No lights, dash, engine turning, nothing.

    if it was turning over for ages without starting its not the battery, and yes service would check alternator. how much fuel did you have in the tank?

    make sure there is petrol, get to the top of the nearest hill and try to push start it. then ride it hard for a while to get the battery charged fully.
  6. hmm am i right in thinking this is a 12V bike battery.. Grab the jumper cables from ya car and jump it.. if it works.. GOOD! Toss the old bike battery and replace it..

    Going dead overnight sounds like the batterys cactus...

    Infact, Thats not quite true ive seen a FUBAR battery not totally die.. There was just enough juice after a full 24hr charge to turn the starter over.... once. Then fail the turn it over subsequent times. The battery was buggered, i put a battery tester on it, it got charge, but slowly drained its charge..

    In short. - Get a new battery!
  7. acould be the battery or the voltage regulator, not putting charge back in to it.
    Get a multi meter, charge the battery , start it, and you should see 14- 15 volts, once you get up 5000 rpm,

    Had the exact same fault, and after replacing the battery , it ran okay, till the reg finially gave out, start in morning,but not in afternoon.
  8. picked bike up from mechanics yesterday afternoon after receiving a RWC and on way home started loosing power, more gutless over time, then stall.
    back at mechanics today and said over phone may be regulator probs with a $300- including labour price tag to it. flipping Honda.
    seems like it wasn't meant to be for me riding bikes. too many dramas
    this bike has turned into an hurtful kick to the crutch
  9. Had the same thing happen to me. Battery not holding charge overnight, had the regulator replaced and things have been faultless for the last 3 weeks.

    On the positive side, the Mechanic said it's not a very common thing to happen and shouldn't be an issue anytime in the next 50,000Kms.
  10. true,
    but the money ive now put into it and the fact i may be moving away soon.... makes me sad, in total spent around $4000- on road, may have to sell it for less now to make sure it sells before moving (3 weeks)

  11. Pretty much had the same problem but I left my vtr without a fuel stabilizer for 3 months instead of 4 weeks. My post:


    The problem with mines seemed to be the stale fuel so I just changed the fuel. Draining the fuel is pretty easy, all you need is a screw driver, the workshop manual and something to put the fuel in (I just used milk bottles =D). Remove the screws holding the tank, remove the fuel and vacuum rube, remove the cock under the tank and fuel should start flowing out. Just drain your carbs as well before you do it. Get 1 more person to help you to hold the container for you as you turn the tank over for draining fuel if you don't want to create a mess. The only hard bit is trying to connect the fuel and vacuum tubes back on after you finished draining the fuel since the tubes are just long enough to be attached to the fuel tank and you have to dig your hands under the fuel tank. Also I used one of those hairdresser bottles to squeeze some fuel into the carbs and tried starting it just to made sure it worked and won't have crank the engine as much after reattached the fuel tank. Just turn it off before you reattached your fuel tank though. No problems with the bike ever since.

    ***Just noticed it was an older post than mines lol***
  12. well thank God turned out to be a broken wire going to the regulator, so they did a quick solder and it fixed it. cheaper than the proposed new regulator. happy face, got to finally ride me VTR home, and what a fun ride it was.