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VTR250 Newbie Starting Troubles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by llkk52, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm having some classic newbie troubles with my very new (to me) 2004 VTR250. I've had it a week. I'll do a timeline of my troubles.

    - Bike was delivered to me (everything was fine: started fine that day ) I had the bike checked out by a reputable mechanic before purchasing and everything was said to be fine.

    - Next day: first ride; everything goes fine. Started first time with no issues whatsoever. Went for a short ride! Very happy.

    - Next day, bike starts fine then I adjusted the choke as it warmed up. The bike stalled so I gave it another couple of cranks. I had the fuel line off (stupidly) and ended up flattening the battery because I'm fairly sure I flooded it. I put it away as it was getting too dark to worry.

    - 2 days later. I jump start the bike Everythings fine once I got it going. Rode for 1hr plus. Left it came back later (3hrs) the same day and everything was fine again. Assumed there was no problems.

    - Another 2 days later I can't start the bike. At first I had the fuel line off again and after that ended up flattening the battery again and flooding it ( I think). Left it.

    - Tonight I get home. Put more fuel in (it didn't have much in it). So I hook it up to the car battery attempting to jump start) It won't start again. I've checked everything I know (fuel line, kill switch, used choke, didn't use choke, side stand up)

    So the bike if firing with it hooked up to the car battery but it is just not turning over at all. I don't want to bugger my starter to I won't try it again. I know I can push start again but I want to solve this problem so I learn something.

    Any suggestions? I love this bike and riding it is great, but this is very frustrating; even more so that its my fault.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    - Tim.
  2. If the fuel was off it was not flooded. If it was flooded the fuel was not off. You are going to need to clarify this.

    Also you said the bike was firing when hooked up to car battery but not truning over. This makes nmo sense to me as to fire it has to turn over. Can you clarify?

    Also what do you mean adjusted the choke as the bike waarmed up? Gave it less choke?

    How are you trying to start it now? With choke? Without choke?

    Basically we need more info.

    Where are you located? Maybe someone nearby might be able to help?

    Late thought. If you had the fuel line off you may have drained the carby bowls. I assume the bike has a prime setting on the tap. Maybe try ptting it to prime while you try to start. If it starts switch it off prime back to run.
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    Sorry, in my attempt to get all the info out, I didn't explain myself properly. I originally had the fuel line off, then as soon as I worked out I had the fuel line off I turned it on and subsequently flooded the engine.

    I'm trying to start it now with the choke.

    Yes that's exactly what I meant. As the bike warmed up I moved the choke back to its original position.

    With the battery, I'm trying to explain that when I have the jumper leads connected to the car the bike is turning over but not starting.

    It sounds exactly like this;


    Located in geelong. Sorry for the confusing descriptions. I'm not mechanically minded yet.


  4. i had a similar problem, tried every trick in the book to get it started with no go so i bought new spark plugs and it started straight away, you probably fouled your plugs
  5. Ok, how hard is it to change the spark plugs? I've got the determination to do it, but don't want to mess anything up too badly.


  6. just take out the ignition coils if you got a socket set you should see two for spark plugs, see if they fit the ones on your bike but make sure you don't tighten to muchc when your putting the new ones in incase you strip the thread .. then the whole engines coming out lol
  7. Hmm, might give this a miss this time round. Just want to get it back on the road asap. Looks like I'll push start and give it a run down to the mechanic.
  8. If you have flooded it then do not use choke. If it is flooded, switch off fuel and open throttle wide while you crank engine. If you have wet the plugs through too much fuel, you can either remove and dry them or simply wait till they dry. Once engine starts, turn fuel back on.

    However on the face of what happened it may not have flooded. motors don't usually flood like that.

    Changing plugs is about as simpe as it gets. If you are not confident enough to do that, I would seek help from someone who knows what they are doing. Don't specifically know the arrangement but I would not have thought you would need to remove coils to get to plugs.

    Push starting is a cure for the engine not turning over by battery, not for the engine not starting. But if you get it started, run it for a bit then switch off and check if it restarts readily. If it does start I wouldn't stray too far from home till you work out what is happening.

    BTW have you tried contacting the previous owner to see how he started it? Different bikes can have different likes towards starting. My two are the opposite. One likes choke and no throttle the other the opposite. and if I do it different one of them is tolerant the other refuses to start.
  9. The front one is easy but the back one you need to take the tank off. At least, with my socket set that's what I had to do on my 04 VTR250.

    As for messing it up, about all you can do is cross thread or over tighten and strip the heads. Or damage the ceramic insulator. Um, yeah probably better to take it to a mechanic if you're not particularly handy.

  10. Thanks, this definitely clears a few things up for me. Yes owner guided me through best start up method, it was my haste that caused this situation.

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions re: the plugs. At some stage I'll definitely look into taking a look around myself but at this stage I think I'm better off just getting it back on the road.

    I'll take the bike down the mechanic in the morning.

    - Tim.
  11. So, I'm half way sorted with this. The mechanic said its very likely to just be old fuel, which it has in it (my fault again) and to just run it out. Also said to have it on a trickle charger, which it is. The funny thing is, it started perfectly cold last night and today it won't start again. It was definitely colder last night! Anyway i'll get there, only problem is I now have a dirty big nail sticking in my tyre. Having a great bit of newbie luck! All good though.
  12. out of curiosity, does it start better if you stand the bike up straight? As in its not on its side stand

    Mine sometimes has issues starting, always have to give it a bit of throttle. But I find that its much better standing upright. Maybe there's something in that, dunno
  13. People blame bad fuel a lot. Maybe it is an issue on some bikes but I sometimes let one of mine stand for a month or more and basically it always starts. Sometimes cranks a bit longer than normal though.

    However it is a gravity fed tank and I leave the tap onwhich means the carby bowls should stay full and ready to go. I suspect that after being left stand for a while empty bowls may account more for lousy starting than stale fuel does.