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vtr250-Newbie problems.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by phasha, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Firstly, i have almost no bike experience, and have only owned a bike for 48hrs.

    Ok, so i just bought a 2003VTR second hand 2 days ago. Rode it home no problems.

    Tried to start it the other night, and only got it going briefly(3 secs-it was a cold night). After it stalled, i tried again, and again. Each time it was responding less, and now the headlight and other lights barely come on when the ignition is on. Left it over night, it's still the same.

    So i guess i've flattened the battery? Is there any way i can get it started to get it to the garage? Iv'e been reading about roll starts and clutch starts, but have no idea how to do it...

    Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. G/Day mate , turn ignition on , make sure choke is on pull in clutch select about 3rd gear push bike along as fst as you can or have some one push you then let the clutch out , hopefully it will start if not try again. Remember as soon as engine fires up to pull clutch in or it may stall again

    cheers hope this helps Bob
  3. There is a few options you can take to get the bike going, there might be a NR close to you that may be able to come around and show you / help you out.

    How about you drop over to this area, and introduce yourself 1st


    Ps: welcome to the nuthouse

    :LOL: :p
  4. Thank you guys. I'll let you know how i go. VTRBob, i went and introduced myself (that feels better). Thanks for the advice, hopefully some one in my area can help out.
  5. 2nd gear works better for roll starting the VTR250.

    It's better (and safer) if you can do it down a slope so you can actually be on the bike, failing that try to get a couple of people to push you while you sit on it.
  6. Firstly, thanks to those who had advice.

    I tried a roll start, and the bike went fine. I rode it around for about 5 mins, then pulled over and tried a standard start. It gave no response.

    All the lights work whilst it's going, but none turn on with the ignition key turned. So the battery is still flat i guess???

    I thought riding the bike would charge it, should i have ridden it for longer? Or is the battery dead, as in, DEAD. (The bike's only done 10,000 ks in 3.5 years...)

    Thnks again for your time guys.

  7. Riding does charge it, but you should have rode for longer. If you can go for another longer ride to charge it, do that, but it may no longer be able to hold a charge properly. If this is the case you will need a new battery.

    Batteries lose charge gradually if they are not recharged, some people say a battery loses about 1% of it's charge a day. So if the bike has been sitting round for ages, it's not surprising that it's flat.
  8. You may have a regulator/rectifier issue, Honda's are renowned for it, and that would explain why the battery isn't charging.

    If the bike was running for 5 mins, it is usually enough to crank the bike slowly when you try to start it next at least. Check the battery, if it is good, then start looking at reg/rec.
  9. I think I'd much rather see a new rider sitting on the bike :)
    It shouldnt need much of a push.
    Good luck anyway.
  10. Thanks again for everyone's help. This is a really good site!

    I've done a fair few roll starts now, and the bike goes fine. Thise time i rode it for about 15 mins, and figured out the battery must be DEAD. While i was riding the head lights could barely turn on and the indicator wouldn't work.

    So i'll get a new battery on tuesday( oh the pain of watching my new bike sit dead in the garage...damn public holidays) and hopefully that will be the last of the problem.

    Cheers. Pete
  11. Hiya,

    Not sure if this helps, bit of a noob myself, but getting back to your original problem.. when you started it and got it going for a few seconds, did you have the choke on? If yes, try it without, because my Spada stalls if I use the choke (even on cold mornings) and if the answer is no, then try it with it on.

    Other than that, maybe see what some of the more experienced NR's have to say.. Good Luck!
  12. Problem solved...

    I plugged the battery into mains via a charger for about 3hrs, now the bike starts fine every time and i haven't had any issues.

    Surprising though, that no amount of riding the bike was able to charge the battery? This led me (and others) to assume that the battery could no longer hold charge, and that i needed to buy a new one...Guess i saved myself some money and hassle.
  13. And what is the charging voltage across the terminals now the bike is running? Should be almost 14v. If its not you still have a bike issue.