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VTR250 - move up to what?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jellikit, May 26, 2009.

  1. So, after finally selling the VTR250...

    I think I'm in the market for a new bike, I've got me a TL1000S, but I don't really think I like that bike much - love the power, hate the throttle, love the sound, hate the riding position.

    So, I've been thinking I want something LIKE the VTR, but more powerful and a little larger.

    Considering the CB400 (never ridden one.. can anyone shed some light on it?) or an older Ducati Monster (say 750 or even a 1000)

    Is the monster a decent commuter bike? Or should i stick to smaller capacity for that?
  2. How confused are you? :LOL:
    My fear would be you'll find the CB400 boring after the TL
    The new mid sized monster could do the trick.
    Are you sure you cant get the TL to do what you want? Any large capacity bike will have a snatchy throttle compared to a 250. Maybe you just need more time with it..........
  3. VTR1000?


    Caviga raptor?

    A monster would be nice as well.

    What don't you like about the TLS apart from riding position? I haven't ridden one but almost bought one before getting a blade.
  4. As mentioned, the SV650 is probably the "logical" vtwin step up from a vtr250.

    A monster would be great too, if you are ok with price/running costs.

    A CB400 is a great LAMS bike, although if you are off restrictions you can probably just get a hornet 600 for less that will do anything a cb400 will.

    I'd go out and test ride many bikes, there's lots of bikes to choose from
  5. The main reason I don't like the TL1000S is the riding position. I think, with my limited riding experience (VTR250, TL1000S + some crap at the license testers) that I perfer an upright bike.

    The VTR is a little small for me (I'm 6' pushing 115kg) and I look like a dud on it. But I do feel a lot more comfortable on it than the TL1000S.

    The other thing I don't like, is on the TL to cruise and a nice even 30kmh (which I often do down Collins St or Bourke St) I have to leave it in 1st and work the clutch. Mind you, it'll go well into the 90s in first as well, it just seems a very hard bike to do low speed on.

    The other thing I'm not liking, relates to throttle as well. To maintain speed, I seem to be gripping the throttle extremly hard, though that may just be my inexperience (I've only done 2,000kms on the TL)

    I was looking at an S4R in a Launceston Ducati shop the other week, had a little sit on it (and due to my licence restrictions couldnt) didn't ride it. It seemed a lot more comfortable riding position than the TL and more akin to the VTR (though less cramped)

    I was thinking the CB400 may have the same riding position, but larger size and a little more power than the VTR.

    Ideally I am looking at a naked upright, with a little larger frame and pwoer than the VTR. Is there a difference in riding style between a twin and a 4? I hear its just less lowdown power, which i quite like.

    I suppose, there's a plethora of other bikes out there, FZN-6, Buell, Hornets, etc... I just need to get out and ride. (But its nice to hear some opinions before going out and making my own... other people have more experience than me on the road and on the bike)
  6. If you've got the $$ perhaps one of these:

    Moto Morini 9.5

    I would if I could ;)
  7. sv1000 it's cheap to buy,fuel costs aren't as bad as people make out, as well a lot of fun from idle through to redline, and at almost any speed well except tipping into turn 1 at P.I. at 200km/hr where the front gets very light and unsettled.

    But really they are great bang for buck, fully adjustable suspension front and rear, some complain about the brakes and that they lack feel and don't work sure they aren't a supersports performance, but the more i ride the more i realize 1/2 of people that ride supersports are still only using as much braking power as the sv has anyway. If you want more stopping power through some metal stinted pads at it.

    I would offer you a spin on mine but it's now pretty heavily modified for my missus and as such rear brake has moved, levers are in funny positions etc....

    Overall i reckon they are hugely underrated motorcycle, and i seriously suggest you take one for a spin
  8. I don't know exactly which Monster it was (was an 1100 I think) but Scumbag brought one to Friday coffee in December 2006. I sat on it and it seemed about as light as the VTR250 I had at the time because it was so well balanced. I'm sure it would have been nice to ride as well. Give Monsters a good look.

    You say you like the upright riding position then maybe you could try handlebar risers or something like that to start with on your TL. I presume you bought the bike for a good reason so have a shot at something like the risers as that might make all the difference with respect to riding position.

    Otherwise, one would think that nakeds are the obvious choice with the usual suspects (Hornets, Z750, Street/Speed Triple, SVs etc) would be the ones to look at. Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
  9. I sat on a Street Triple a while ago, and that felt like a big VTR.

    No matter what people say, sportsbikes are gay.
  10. Yeah, I'm an idiot and I bought it off my brother for a good price. A deal that suited both of us well (He takes my 1998 Triton 4x4 Dualcab I take his 1997 TL1000S)

    Now, after the few kilometres, I'm not the happiest... Those Mironi's (or so) look alright... and the Street Triple / Monster seem like a nice idea as well. (This is why I love netrider... no flames (yet))
  11. What colour is your TL?

    Methinks I've seen it around.
  12. The closest thing I've ridden to a big VTR is the street triple like QW says. They're a f*cking sensational bike. They don't have the twin sound, but they shit on most bikes out there for sheer rideability and giggle factor. Get a test ride, you'll see, there's no turning back.
  13. Black :D Its sex.
  14.  Top
  15. If you're 6' I'd suggest avoiding the Monsters, they're not big enough (I've just ordered some lowered footpeg to try and make mine fit me a little better). I keep hearing that the Triumph Striples (speed and street) are both great for bigger folks, maybe have a look into them.
  16. thats just a VTR with after a few injections of pure sex and power :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  17. f*ck i want one now, i hate you for posting that pic Rosie :p
  18. Those Moto Morini's look hot. Anyone got any feedback on them? Pricing don't seem so outragous either.
  19. ...if/when I decide to upgrade the new bike probably will be Honda CB900. According to other people reviews it should be a great option to upgrade after the VTR. $2000 difference in price for the same age/km bike, same controls as on VTR, bigger size, lots of low revs power, linear power delivery...
  20. Don't get a Monster. They are snatchy at low speed. Probably worst than the TLS! You want upright riding position, big-ish bike, easy to ride, and smooth all through out the rev range? There is only one choice. Suzuki GSX1400.