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vtr250 modify to a one seater?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by g rider, May 2, 2008.

  1. I am going to buy a VTR250 and I want to change the seat into a one seater for cheaper registration, is this hard to do and what price will the service department charge me and can I place a plastic covering on the back end of the seat?

  2. Man! :shock:
    How many VTR's ya got ??
    SIX topics? :?
    Just grab a hacksaw and remove the pillion seat
  3. Can't ya just remove the pillion pegs and be done with it?
  4. Sounds like a lot of fcuking around, how much cheaper is the reg?
  5. the VTR250 is a beautiful bike. why would you butcher one for cheaper rego?

    im guessing you would need to go and get a new blue slip for it, classifying it as a single seater motorbike, and im also guessing that you wont get too much off your rego because its only a 250 naked which should be in one of the lowest categories for rego anyway.

    good luck but i think if you're gonna go to the butchering scene you should have a hack at a yamaha or a suzuki or something. anything except a honda!!
  6. i reckon just get a second hand seat cut the foam off the pillion area, remove the pegs, get it rego done then wack back on the original seat.

    Yes last i heard single seat rego was a lot cheaper :)
  7. Take into account though that you may alter potential re-sale value if you ahead and do anything too drastic.
  8. It will save you $140ish off the CTP part of the rego. From ~$340 back to ~$200. All bikes cost the same to rego (apart from single seat) in QLD, which is where I'm assuming you are from. If you do all the work yourself, and just want the mod plate riveted onto the frame, it'll cost ya about $55. I was told, when i got mine done at City Yamaha, the modplate HAS to be easily viable, and usually gets wacked on anywhere where it fits up near the build plate. Be prepared for a slight dash of ugly, and disappointingly pointy corners.

    Because the VTR has one seat shaped for both rider and pillion, to do it properly your gonna have to hack out foam from the pillion part of the seat as well as remove the footpegs. Buying a second seat is going to be the best option. Dealers tend to only accept dual seat registered bikes and will slug you the cost to convert a single regestered bike back to duel, at least that is what happened to my dad trading in his bike. Maybe it was just a cash grab. But because 250's are destined to be learner hacks/commuters for the rest of their days i wouldn't worry too much about dropping the resale value, especially if you plan to sell privately.

    Putting on the original seat back on after the conversion is up to you. I got my bike single seat registered with a spare, butchered, pillion "pad" and still have the original :wink:. The plan is to put a top box on the spare. When i bought my hyo i got it single seat rego'd as part of the negotiations and the place that did it said, "It's such a new bike, it would be same to ruin the pillion seat." So no chopping, but i doubt they'll make a business out of dodgy mod-plates.

    Just whatever you do, if you get her single seat rego'd, DO NOT take a pillion. There are massive fines as well as no medical insurance for the pillion.

    +Edit - The other option which i forgot to mention is a seat cowl. No idea if they are made for the VTR's, i would assume they are. I think you have to "permanently" modify your seat, so I'm not sure a slip over type cowl would cut the mustard.
  9. I've just done this with my VTR250. We had to remove the padding out of the back section on the seat so we went to a local plastic fabricator and got him to make up a cowl that we just doble sided taped on, Just so it didn't look like we just hacked at it. Than we just removed the rear pegs.