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VTR250 Megacycle Exhaust (Now with video goodness)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by panza83, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Just ordered one of these in through Close Motorcycles in Redfern (close to where i work)

    Charged me $450.00, installed, which i think is a pretty damn decent price, seeing as the staintune was $700.00 at Sydney City MC in Lane Cove PLUS fitting.

    Let you know how it goes once they get the part in and installed next week.
  2. OOOH! This is relevant to my interests.

    I'm about to go get one from the megacycle boys as soon as I get the $$ in my account.

    Let us know how sweet it sounds!
  3. How is it?

    Tossing up between this and a Staintune!
  4. i picked up the staintune for my vtr250 and absolutely love it. cost was $630 (10% off from my local shop) and i fitted it myself without trouble in about 45mins. hacksawing took up the time.

    i haven't heard the megacycle so i can't compare, but this staintune really sounds like a beast.. my friend who rides a ducati with a termignoni exhaust is jealous! :twisted:

    i had another mate at work who said save the money and put it towards a new bike when i'm off my restrictions.. but once i fitted it, it really re-ignited my passion to ride - not that i'd really lost it - but it just made it so much more fun to go for a blast whenever i can.
  5. Im still waiting on it, apparently they had to make one up especially for me at Megacycle..
    As soon as its on, ill get a video up on youtube.
  6. Got the pipe installed this morning on the way to work, and JESUS, its so much nicer than stock, a really nice tuned rumbling sound, really quite loud especially under load. Looks a treat too, nice and shiny! :D

    When i get home ill take a little video
  7. OOOOH I can't wait till rudd pays me! I'm hangin to get my hands on their oval carbon can for mt vtr! :D
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  9. Mate. Thats sounds pretty bloody good. Sounds really great when you were giving it a little throttle to.

    Can't believe they are half the price. Might have to invest in one when I get my new bike.

    Thanks for the vid.

  10. Certainly better than stock :)