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VTR250 Luggage

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by trd2000, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. So I'm starting to look at luggage options for the VTR.

    does anyone have any recommendations/experience or bits laying round??

    been looking at the usual.. tail bags, racks and cases from Ventura, GIVI, SHAD, SWmotech... some make VTR stuff and many don't but im not sure what the go is with universal fit stuff.

    I'm aslo not certain what RubyRed would prefer fitted, so thought i'd start a discussion here....
  2. i have the Givi monorack for my z750, it looks quite good on the bike.
    the top box and plate will be interchangable between other monoracks.
  3. Soft panniers work well on the VTR. I used mine on several trips. They also fit the Z so am still using them. Mine were M2R if I remember correctly, purchased from AMX. The only thing I found was that expanding them put one quite close to the exhausts so I bungeed them up a bit just in case. Also helped secure them to the bike properly.
  4. should look at Kriega as well
    I have a US-10 tail pack that I like as I can take it off
    completely, unlike a rack that sits there looking ugly.
  5. my rack is quite easy to take off. there are a couple of mounting points that had to be put into strategic places, but once thats done, if i need to take the rack off, its 4 bolts and its offffffffff!
  6. The problem with the tailback is that it's a PITA sometimes, depending on how they fit. You can't just remove the seat on the VTR, the whole damn back tail comes off with it. To fit straps under the seat you have to unscrew the seat from the tail.

    I tried a Kriega tailback, but, even after unscrewing and rescrewing the seat, I couldn't get the pack anchors to sit properly. If you want to try one, I suggest borrowing someone else's first. I ended up selling mine to Ultramand getting panniers instead.

    I acknowledge that...
    1. It's possible I didn't do it properly, and
    2. Not all packs are the same.
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  8. for the newer kriega's the straps attach to the frame or subframe so you can often leave the straps on without the pack. anyway, its not a big deal, just an option.
    andy strapz has loops etc that can help fit luggage.
    I had a rack on my old bike and they are very convenient.
  9. My old VTR250's previous owner had fitted it with a Ventura Pack-Rack and had also bought the absurdly huge touring bag (now discontinued, but similar to this: http://www.ventura-bike.com/products/bikepack/p0656.aspx )

    It wasn't waterproof or really that secure (from a theft perspective), but it worked well for touring and commuting!

    One feature I like about the Ventura racks is that they're reversible, so a solo rider can have the bag positioned over the pillion seat like a tailpack. Or for even crazier luggage capacity, the rack can be used to secure a tailpack on the pillion seat while a Ventura bag hangs out the back like a topbox.

    One feature I disliked was that the two screws which allowed easy removal of the rack when not in use would have a tendency to loosen off and allow one side of the rack to pop out of its sleeve if their torques weren't checked routinely. Or perhaps the rack came with a pair of spring washers and the previous owner had lost both of them.
  10. I use Motodry Grand Tour expandable soft panniers with my 2004 VTR, tied down with Rok Straps.

    Can fit a lot and looks streamline. Has built-in rain cover and good reflective bits.

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  11. I don't know if they make them for the VTR250 but Hepco and Becker make a good quality rack. There is an Australian distributor.
    I've heard of issues with the Renntec Rack for a ZR550 bending so I've gone with a H&B.
  12. Bags Connection Cargo Bag, easy on and easy off. Nothing left on bike when it's not fitted. Holds enough stuff for a multi day trip.