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VTR250 Low Beam not working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Raeynn, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Shortly after buying a VTR250 2006 from a user here the low beam headlight has stopped working. High beam is fine.

    I pulled off the headlight and checked the wiring, nothing seems damaged and given the high beam uses the same globe I didn't think it would be anything here.

    All the fuses have been checked with a multimeter and are fine. I read somewhere that there might be an issue with a contact in the ignition switch as the ignition cuts off power to the headlight to start the bike. I pulled off the throttle gear to try to get a look at this but couldn't separate the ignition switch, however again nothing looked particularly worn.

    The bike is in otherwise good condition and there was no event (crash or bad weather etc) that would have encouraged such a fault.

    In the meantime I've repositioned the headlight to point further down so I can run high beams during the night. It's not ideal so if anyone has some ideas of where I should be looking I'd appreciate it.

    The only wiring diagram I could find of the VTR was too low res to be of much help.
  2. One bulb, but does it have two filaments?
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    does sound like the bulb, especially after everything else you have checked.

    usually i start with fuse check first then the globe on my bike if the globe fails.

    I think its good to carry a spare globe and a small flashlight especially if you ride at night alot
  4. Is it possible for the globe to fail for low but work for high beam?
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    yes that's exactly what happened on my bike a few months ago, changed the globe (which i had spare with me) and back in action

    as the low is one filament and high beam is a different filament one or the other can go independently of the other even thou it is one globe
  6. Ah didn't know there were seperate filaments. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  7. your welcome good luck!!
  8. Just had a look, definitely the filament, but I can't get the globe out of the housing. Is there something I'm missing?
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    if its like most bikes there is a clip holding it in place, Ill see if i can find a relevant picture online

    so far it seems there is a couple of screws holding the globe in place?

    still looking for an appropriate photos or diagram, can you can try to see if screws hold it in place?
  10. Hey Nomad I've sorted it out. Thanks for the help.
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    good one and just found this for you, well may come in handy for someone else :)