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VTR250 lever replacements

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by unosevdeus, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. ...So arriving home last night I kicked the stand down and started to go for the garage door (after proudly just beating a massive electrical storm closing in on me). The stand was obviously not down properly and the bike slowly went to the ground. I managed to ease the fall, but the out come is a bent (curly!) clutch lever and a very bent gear shift lever. I'm hoping I can do this repair myself and I thought these 2 parts would be a breeze to find online, but after searching for a while with no luck I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to locate these parts. .
    Surely this has happened to someone else out there?
    It's a (up until now) unmarked 2007 vtr250.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Front brake lever $28 from Peter Stevens in Melbourne. I assume clutch lever is similar price as it's just a mirror image. This is for genuine Honda part for 04 VTR250.
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  3. Just bend the gear change lever back into shape.

    I lowsided my VTR a while back and it was bent pretty severly. Put a bit of bamboo over the tip and easily bended it back. This was 18 months ago and it's still fine.
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  4. Uno, I had a very similar drop on my vtr however on the right hand side.

    The damage was a bent front and rear brake levers. The front brake lever was very easy to bend back into shape. I took it off the bike and just used a leverage point. With the gear lever, first try bending it back whilst still in place. Just make sure you use a long piece of metal pipe or something, this should give you good leverage without putting to much pressure on the steel. You don't want it to snap.

    Before doing the work myself, I just called a local mechanic and he quoted me for parts and labour. In the end, i decided to have a go myself without new parts.

    Good luck
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  5. Thanks for the replies. much appreciated.

    bradc - the wonders of bamboo!
    I'll give it a go at bending the gear lever back but the thing looks a bit like a corkscrew, bend in and around as the bike slid a bit.
    I was surprised I couldn't find the levers online to buy, but I guess PS has made sure Honda doesn't do that. If the bend doesn't work I'll go see them.

  6. Ebay has some levers, clutch was $24 delivered from memory.
  7. It's harder to find them on ebay as that generation VTR250 wasn't sold in the USA. I'm not sure how popular it was in asia but it was probably too expensive for most of the asian market.
  8. you don't say where you are unosevdeus, but if in Melb also try giving VicWreck in Heidelberg a call. They seem to have have generic levers for most bikes and possibly second hand levers of bikes they are wrecking.
  9. just found this and realise its an old thread but in case it helps anyone.

    you can get out of trouble with other levers, we picked up a generic brand one for (i think it was) a ninja 250 from a bike shop in tassie. it looked a tad different and was the wrong color, but we still carry it under the seat as a spare.

    (we also bought 2 honda ones at a time as we went through a few at one point)