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VTR250 jerky in 2nd gear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Last service they loosened the valves on the VTR250 as they were too tight..anyway - now they're a bit too loose. Am going to get these adjusted at the next service.

    Anyway, since the last service I've noticed the bike's been quite jerky when I ease off the throttle whilst in second (usually to change down to first). I don't like it doing this - not in wet conditions & peak hr traffic anyway...

    So question is - would this be from the valves being too loose?



  2. could be valves. Sometimes mine doesn't like to gear up into 2nd & slips into N instead. But looks like I have the same symptoms as you do, but I haven't had a valve change.

    Anyway, if the change came after the valves were loosened, I suppose you can make the assumption that they're connected. Get it checked out maybe?
  3. more likely to be your chain adjustment, or if from the engine your fueling (carby).
    This should be very easy to rectify.
  4. Cheers Transformer. RE: Chain..I wondered the sam ething on way home but when I pulled over for a break it was fine...was only recently adjusted and is looking quite good atm.

    Carbys were given a good and much needed clean at the last service and apart from the loose valve noise and the 2nd gear jumpiness, the bike's going great and hasn't run this well in a long time. Got a few more thousand kms to go till next service - if it continues to bother me, I'll take it in earlier to get looked at. Not such a prob in dry, but wet peak hr it's a turd.

    Bikes_go_Vroom : what yr is yours? I've never had a prob with mine being jerky before - is it happening to you when cruising along in second? What revs is it sitting at when it does this? Have you spoken to the mechanic about the gearing up/Neutral prob? I'd mention it to him next time. Very rarely mine will do same, but it's usually cos I have been slack changing up, haven't given it enough of a flick.
  5. Mine is a 2003 model.
    I'll look at the revs tomorrow and update :)

    What's that with the fueling then?
  6. Slip your clutch when it starts getting jerky? Thats what i did to do if you mean its like a throttle snatch when you release and re-engage the throttle?
  7. Nah it's not the clutch.
  8. Check your chain is not too tight, rotate the wheel to find the tightest point before adjusting. Maybe you just don't have enough revs on and need to be in 1st. My GS500 is jerky under 3000rpm unless I am very gentle with the throttle. Carbs might need synchronising. Can't imagine it would be related to the valve adjustment.
  9. My other half & I have the same bike, and he swopped the back tires to see if it made a difference, which it did!!!! The bike felt a little smoother :p
  10. mmmmmm, jerky... =P~

    BgV: when u swapped tyres, i assume that u swapped rear sprockets with them? have you checked the state of them. possibly some uneven wear on the jerky ( =P~) one?

  11. learn to use the clutch :LOL: and stop flat changing :p
  12. You're no help :p I use my clutch very well thank you very much.

    Lobsta: I've checked the sprockets and chain, it's all fine in that regard

    might just take it for a service.
  13. if your valves were tight, it's likely you are suffering 'valve seat recession' and yes, as it heats up, due to expansion, they will get tighter. The jerky running? Try swapping riders (not saying there's a problem with your riding) and see if riding style affects it. As for only happening in second, would suggest it's NOT engine as it can rev right thru the range, loaded or unloaded in any gear. As for swapping tyre and it improving things... ??? I fair to see how. I'm sorry but it all seems a bit inconsistent and hard to solve over the net. Maybe you can take it for a brainstorm with a group of nr's?
  14. I've ridden fee's bike, took it for a bit at the mystery ride. It's not rider error, there's something really wrong.

    Should correct what was said above, the tyre swap was not a help, we put my rear wheel on her bike but the engine was cold at the time, so the perceived improvement was not actual, the bike wasn't hot enough to experience the problem. Once the bike heats up, the problem is back.
  15. could be that it just needs a simple valve adjustment.
  16. Valve seat recession can be fixed by taking the head off and redoing the valve seats... pretty big job. First get the valve adjustment checked again, if the clearance is low again it's a pretty safe bet that's your problem. If the clearances are set right again and it solves your problem, next step is deciding what to do... Just ask if you need any help.

    Oh, check exhaust note and intake note... Se for any abnormalities and then after the valves are set, check again for a change :)