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VTR250 Issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NinjabreadMan, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. This is my first post on here. Have often referred to the site for help though!

    I just have some questions that maybe some of you knowledgeable folks can answer.

    I see a lot of comments around the net that my VTR250 '07 model should be able to hit around 140km/h. However travelling along the free way in 5th gear i seem to only get around 110-120km/h at around 7000-8000 rpm. Is that about the right rpm range for it to be sitting on? I feel like kicking it over that is thrashing the engine a bit as it has no power around there.

    This is my first bike so I don't really know what to expect...
  2. Hmm you talking about people breaking the law by speeding? :(
    The VTR I had, never went over 120, then again, open to wind so tuck yourself down?
    140 maybe with a tial wind? down hill?
  3. thats pretty normal rev range for those speeds bud, i can hit 150 with my head down. on a private road of course.
  4. The VTR 250 is a great bike and can hit 140 easy althought it takes a bit longer than others to get there! I have done 150 on mine before i ran outta road :) FYI mine's a 2006
  5. Here is what the factory one does (2004):