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VTR250 holding revs?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Zac320, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Hello, I have recently purchased a VTR250 I didn't really take it for a good test ride but I noticed on the way home it was sitting at about 5k on idle.
    The bike has 50000ks but runs good apart from the above problem. The idle stop is all the way out and the choke seems to be working properly. I'm fairly mechanically minded but this is my first road bike. When I get home from work I'll be changing the oil and taking the tank off and having a look at the air filter and carb boots.
    Also should I check the valves at this many kms? Does anyone know the specs on an 07 model?
    Sorry for the long post.

  2. Throttle sticking I'd guess. Is it a smooth action with a clean snap when released?

    And how much slack is in the throttle action? Easily checked if you turn the bars on the spot and watch the revs. There should be no change and a tighter throttle on full lock.
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  3. I ride a VTR250 and just checked the workshop manual...

    For what its worth, there is a page on problem solving for "unstable mid/high rpm"
    While it doesn't seem like that's the problem you're describing, I'm happy to copy in the troubleshooting instructions it provides if you'd think they'd help
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  4. The throttle does stay in place when the bike is off but goes back when the bike is running. I'll check that when I get home.
  5. Have you tried turning down the throttle stop? Probably too obvious, but best check before fiddling around with other stuff.
  6. id be checking the grip isnt making the throttle stick. are 07 models fuel injected?
  7. Pretty sure it's carby.
  8. sounds like throttle stop. an unstable idle would be carbies but a stable high idle might be throttle stop
  9. I assume idle stop and throttle stop are the same? Anyhow I get home tomorrow morning and I'll give it a once over.
  10. yep they're the same, should be on the left side of the carbs
  11. should have bought mine....smooth as :)
  12. A friend had a bar end done up too tight and it stiffened the throttle, loosened and moved it out a bit and it was alright. Guessing you'd have seen to that already though. Still, sometimes it's the simple things that completely surprise you, so easy to overlook