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VTR250 Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Sith Lord, May 8, 2009.

  1. Ok, About to attempt to install Oxford Heated Grips on to the VTR this weekend. I've searched and read a few posts about it. I should be right with most of the Electrical bits (I hope).

    Any tips specifically for the VTR250. Do the Chrome Knob Bar ends have to come off? How do they they come off? There's no screw there. Any other tips in general or VTR specific anyone would like to share.

  2. no idea :LOL:
    the bar ends are exactly that, the end of the actual bar. so no they dont come off. i assume its simply remove the old grips, replace with the Oxford ones.

    let me know how you go, i'll be doing this myself sometime this winter i think :)
  3. Post up a picture of the bar ends.

    I've fitted heated grips to a VTR250. The bars end had to come off to allow the grips to be removed. The throttle oxford grip had to be trimmed too because when the bar end was screwed back on, it locked the throttle in position... not a good thing! :)
  4. Bar Ends

    Attached are a couple of pics. Hmmm, a bit scratched when you get close up.

    Reading the oxford instructions, it's dead easy. The existing grips, not so sure. I have the VTR Workshop manual (posted on this site), but that's no help.

    Bring out the Stanley Knife and hope for the best????


  5. Maybe I should have just tried before posting the question....

    Easy - They just rolled off, just like putting a condom on.

    The left hand grip was still a bit stuck, so a screwdriver worked underneath eased the remaining glue, which had obviously deteriated over 6 years, and they came off easy.

    Edit: BTW - on a VTR the Bar ends are the same diameter as the bars, so NO, they don't need to come off.
  6. deteriated

    the word is deterIOrated

    de·te·ri·o·rate (d-tîr--rt)
    v. de·te·ri·o·rat·ed, de·te·ri·o·rat·ing, de·te·ri·o·rates
    To diminish or impair in quality, character, or value: Time and neglect had deteriorated the property.
    1. To grow worse; degenerate: The weather deteriorated overnight. His health had deteriorated while he was in prison.
    2. To weaken or disintegrate; decay: The nation's highways are deteriorating at a rapid pace.
  7. Thanks hornet. Next time I'll use one of those words that are easier to spell. Should have brought my Thesauras (or is that ThesaurUs)

    Anyway. I shouldn't have worried about anything. Once I got the grips off, everything was easy. About and hour and a half and all done. Had to remove the Tank bolts to loosen the tank to allow the cables to run under, but that was it. Followed the instructions and cannot think of a single issue. (apart from spilling super glue all over my fingers)

    Nibor, anyone - As long as you can operate a socket set, you shouldn't have any problems.

  8. heh heh, good to see that it was a straightforward operation.

    you'lll never regret having heated grips, I can tell you :LOL:.
  9. Sorry hornet, was that you'lll or you'LL? :p
  10. touché :applause:
  11. You left yourself wide open, Paullll
  12. I did indeeed.

    Ian, did you get the heated grips with the little push-button control pad? There's a circuit in that box that turns them off if you shut down the ignition, so even if you wire them directly to the battery, you can't leave them 'on' and come back and find all your volts have fled!
  13. Yep. The push button control ones. The instructions say that they automatically turn off when the battery voltage reaches 11V, so it won't drain your battery.

    After I installed, I tested the Grips, but haven't left them long enough for the auto switch off.

    I think (I hope) I'm the sort of bloke who'll remember to switch them off anyway, so I couldn't be bothered wiring them through the ignition.
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    G'Day Sith Lord.

    I've got the same bike and am going to buy heated grips. I was thinking about the Oxfords.

    How do you like them so far? I've got pretty massive, wind-proof winter gloves (they feel rather chunky), reckon the grips would be adequate and i'd feel it through the gloves? I've never actually used heated grips before and really have no idea, all I know is my hands get bloody cold! Did you get the normal ones or the "sports" ones? I'd love to see pics of the final product, especially the controller.

    I saw 9zysIrfK__M[/media]]this vid (youtube) of a dude who mounted these on a Yammie FZ6 Fazer.
    Was it easy to mount them on the VTR250's throttle to get free movement of the throttle? The end of the grip (end closest to the bike) has a wiring ...thing. I think 'loom' is the correct word? You can see what I mean easily in the youtube video @ 2:45
    He said that the controlling unit can have wires travelling out the front or the back (7:25), do yours come out the front? Basically, I really just wanna know if it looks good :D

    Pics would be awesome, sorry for being a pain in the arse mate.
  15. Hey u095538, Sorry for not checking the forum for a bit. Will get some final pics up on the weekend. We haven't had many real cold days yet, but so far so good. Went back to summer gloves for a bit. They work real well. Only had them on the 2nd setting. 3rd and 4th too hot at the moment.

    Got the normal ones. Don't know what the difference is???? Cabling is quite neat. They run pretty close to the existing throttle and clutch cables, so really do look neat. They sort of poke straight down. If they went forward, they may get in the way of the brake lever.

    I see you're in Canberra. I'm in Amaroo. Send me a PM if you want to come over for a closer look.

  16. how much did you pay for these grips if you don't mind me asking? and where abouts did you purchase them from?

    I seen some here in melbourne but it seems quite expensive like around the $200 mark..
  17. $150- from Canberra Motor Cycle Centre. Also managed to get them during their half yearly sale with "20% off all Oxford Products". Down to about $120-!
  18. Oxford hand grips from bikemart with the netrider member discount

    Bought them last saturday and my hands were thanking me this morning :)
  19. Thought I'd test the "Auto Cut Off" feature (otherwise read: Accidently left them on last night :roll: ).

    IT DOESN"T WORK! :evil:

    Battery dead flat this morning. The power light of the Heated Grips and my Oil Warning Light were just on, but nothing else. Battery on the Charger now.

    Warning: Turn them off! Or take the extra time to re-wire through your ignition. Will be doing that this weekend if I have time.
  20. Thanks very much for this thread, I'm installing Oxford grips this Sat onto my VTR - good info re wiring to ignition, will def go this way :grin: