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VTR250 Hazard Switch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Stigy, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Can anyone tell me what the switch on the right handlebar of a VTR250 labelled Hazard and On does? It's the only switch not mentioned in either the Owners Manual, or the Service Manual, and I can't notice anything that it does. :-s :-k

  2. Hazard lights? (both indicators flashing at the same time)..
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  3. That was my first thought (obviously), but the fact it isn't in the manual, and the fact the two positions are "Hazard" & "On" made me think twice. Not to mention the fact the indicators work but the switch does nothing, although I do accept faulty switch to be a strong possibility.
  4. Yeah my CB has the same thing, turns all the indicators on
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  5. 'Hazard' is just the label. You need to move the switch to the on position to make them work. Slightly confusing labelling perhaps. Have your indicators been modded in any way? Eg. Replaced with leds?
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  6. What gundy said.
    Move the switch to the on position and the Hazards should come on.
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  7. Tried it some more this morning. It works with the ignition on, but not with it off, unlike a car. ](*,) My indicators are LED so I was wondering if that was affecting it, but seems not.

    Yeah, the labelling is confusing, as the Off position is labelled Hazard, not off.

    Thanks guys :newb:
  8. Yeah it is a bit confusing. But now you know hey :)

    Let's just hope you don't need to use them anyway (y)
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  9. Still freaks me out how that one switch isn't in the owners or service manuals. The weird little mystery switch, taunting me to create a hazard 8-[ :eek:hno:
    BTW, how do you thank posters? I can't work out how and it isn't in the FAQ.
  10. There is a Thanks button on the bottom right corner of each post.
    Blue button, next to some red buttons :)
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  11. I don't have it. Just Quote, Multiquote & Quick Reply. Guess i'm too new to be trusted to responsibly thank people :tantrum:
    You can all just remember that you have an extra thanks :grin:
  12. You need to hit a certain number of posts to be able to thank, and I suspect you are perilously close (it might be 10) so by the time you reply to this you may see the magic button appear.

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  13. Really??? .......
    Edit: Yes :grin: Thanks to all
  14. Well there ya go. Haha (y)