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VTR250 Handlebar Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rocker, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hi Netrider peoples,

    This is my first post! I began riding 3 years ago and remember gaining lots of useful info on this forum in my first few months of riding. Now i have a question of my own that I was hoping someone could help me with. I ride a Honda VTR250 and i'm interested in replacing the handlebars with lower profile bars for a sportier seating position, either drag bars or slightly higher.

    Is this easy enough to do yourself? Can you give me any recommendations for good makers of handlebars in australia?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I was in Perth for about 5 years and knew Tigerleo (Steve), that guy seriously pimped out his VTR.

    Drag bars are a pretty common mod on VTRs, I owned one for about 3 years, but never made any mods, other than oggies, and a tank pad!

    From memory Steve bought his drag bars from a wrecker.

  3. Thanks guys :) that thread has got some useful info!

    Still if there's anyone out there who has done a handlebar mod to a VTR250, i'd be interested to know what brand they ended up going for and if they encountered any problems along the way.
  4. Has any one replaced the stock oem handlebars, I am looking at replacements either stock , or aftermarket , any suggestions??
  5. You can use any motocross bars apart from the "fat" bars.

    I have renthals on my VTR
  6. I ended up putting tingate racing clipons on my old VTR - they were off an SV650, gave it a much lower position than drag bars.

    Alternatively you could just rotate the stock bars down :p
  7. Just put the cromo-steel bars on my sons bike that I had left over from my Ducati Monster , looks great ,little bit wider and flatter profile.
    A big improvement for body position and now does not look like a girls tricycle.
    On the way is a Roo racing shortened carbon pipe
    tail tidy and bar end mirrors for the mini monster

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  8. The main issue is getting the nib holes drilled in the correct spot,
    some people file them off "DONT" you need at least the throttle body nib to keep the throttle grip from moving on the bar.
    Use an air compressor to get the grips off,slip the business end under the grip and blow up like a ballon an ease them off.
    Take your time align the bar to the position you are happy with , measure twice drill once , if you are putting cromo-steel bars on you need to file a cross over the marked spot to get the drill to bite into the crome or it will slip ,hold in a vice with cloth or cardboard to prevent scratching the bar. Leave yourself a good hour to do this take your time and don't over tighten the screws on your switch bodys they are only plastic and crack,double check all fittings are tight before you ride.
    If you drill the holes a little bigger than the nibs wrap some silicone plumbers tape around the bar to help stop any movement of the switch body's