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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by thestig, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Has anyone tried to do this?

    A) where can I find out how to wire up a 12v socket to power it? and

    8) Has anyone tried this successfully? Being a naked bike it doesnt really have that much room to mount it.

    I might go down and see if I can get the car windscreen mount to stick tho the windscreen or even the fuel tank.... Will report in when I Know.

  2. Yes. Have done.

    Mounted on the bars with a std RAM mount that comes with the TomTom Rider quite easily. Ran the wires straight back to the battery and cable tied them on. Piece of piss ;)
  3. see the gps mount thread maybe?
  4. Well The GPS suctions onto nothing except beautifully to the tacho. Heaps of bikes dont have these anyway so that would work alright.

    So now just to get a socket from a marine store, fit it and then make a waterproof case of some sort for the gps.

    Anyone waterproofed a navman s150?
  5. I use a Tom Tom One, on the Wee and just stick a baggy over it in wet conditions.
  6. Has anyone got the link to the mentioned mounting thread?

    Im having trouble finding instructions on how to do this with only basic electrical knowledge.

    From what I gather so far, you need insulated cable, a fuse hooked up in series (what sort of fuse?) a relay hooked up to one of the other cables so that it only turns on when you have the ignition in (not essential since I won't be leaving a shiny gps left unattended) and a waterproof socket which I've no idea where to mount because I have no fairing.