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VTR250 gear change issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gegvasco, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Been having a problem with changing gears on my '00 VTR250. Most times it works perfectly. But every now and then it will not find neutral when stationary(this may be more a technique problem being a newbie) and other times it won't come out of neutral.

    This last one recently occurred when I was the second vehicle in a line of 10 at an RBT(on my first big ride as well!). After delaying everyone putting my helmet etc back on, I couldn't get the bloody thing in either first or second. Had to shut down and push it out of the way to let everyone else through. I tried being gentle, normal and harsh on the gear level to no avail. As soon as I had pushed away and tried again, it worked perfectly.

    I know very little about gearboxes so is there something I am missing about how to avoid getting the gearbox in this situation? Or is this a mechanical fault?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  2. some bikes can be an absolute pain to get back into neutral when they are warm (i had a cb500 that had the same problem) just keep trying (there is usually a knack, try going from second down to neutral instead of first up)

    if it happens again just let go of the clutch and reapply it then try again, it will usually solve the problem.
  3. I have that exact same problem too on my ZZR250. I don't know why it's doing that either. It rarely gets stuck in neutral but when it does, I just release the cluch, the pull it again, and then stamp (not too hard) on the gear shift. With not finding neutral at stationary, what I do is, let the clutch out in friction point for a fraction of a second then pull it again. Then you'll find the gearshift a little more responsive.

    There were also some times where I get it into neutral, but the neutral light doesn't come up :?. So as I go to accelerate, nothing happens, and I realise I'm in neutral.

    Gees, now when I think about it, it does sound rather bad.
  4. I have a similiar thing with my GPX when going into first from neutral, (I give it a good stomp to fix it) and sometimes from 5th to 6th, perhaps it is just me and a dodgy technique.
  5. Spot on Sluglie. This happens to me also with my '99 VTR250. Yep, clutch it again.

    As for finding neutral when stationery, can't say I've had that problem. So don't know how to fix it.
  6. I never had a problem with my vtr250 2001 model, maybe got lucky :)
  7. This problem of not being able to get in or out of neutral happened to me with my dirt bike. It was very rarely but like everyone has said already, just slowly release the clutch a little then reapply and change either in or out of neutral.
  8. i find by that given the bike a good rev it will help move it into the right gear... give that a shot and maybe will work for yours as well :)
  9. gegvasco,

    How old is the oil in your engine?

    I have a VT250 '01. I was also having gear change issues which I thought may be related to the previous owners' riding technique - he was on his "L's"...

    I recently changed the oil to Shell Advance VSX4 and replaced the filter - problem solved!

    Cheers, Ed
  10. Not sure, only had the bike a week. It has 4600km on the clock and has one service recorded in the logbook. I gave it a 200km run today and the problem didn't happen. Although, it happened a few days ago and I tried cycling the clutch and that fixed it.

    I guess as long as it doesn't get any worse, will just write it off as a VTR250 quirk.