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vtr250 fuel tank capacity querry

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Hobo, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. The manual says its 13L. i kinda ran out of gas a few days ago. had to switch to reserve to go refill. but when i filled up, it was only like 6L before it reached the top. does anyone know how much fuel is held in reserve? and how far i can actually go on reserve petrol?

  2. if u filled 6L, and the tank was full, and this was after having to switch to reserve, you either:

    - thought u had run out of primary, but hadnt. switched quickly before you could really tell anything
    - cant add up :p
    - you may have knocked the tap to "off", the engine starved, u thought u had run dry, so u switched to reserve
    - have something taking up ALOT of space in your tank :shock:
    - dont have a VTR250 :shock: :shock:

    i get 300km (without having the throttle pinned constantly, thats 240km) per tank. this is without reserve. reserve got me another 20km, and then i filled up. im yet to run her dry.

    if you did fill up 6L to the top, then your hitting reserve after around 150km :? theres something seriously wrong. go out for another ride, and when u think u hit reserve, have a peek in the tank. can u see much fuel?
  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    .. the neighbour's cat ?
  4. Aah, nibor, you make me laff. :LOL:

    Hobo, the tank is 13L with a reserve of 2.5-3L (can't remember exact). How many K's had you done before it hit reserve? I normally got somewhere between 250-300 before needing to change. 6 litres you've only half emptied the tank, so I'd say you hadn't actually hit reserve. (I used to actually be able to see the steel at the bottom of my tank when on reserve)
  5. Reserve is 'officially' 2L on the little minimonster (11+2).

    Which would get me somewhere between 250-290km before reserve depending on riding style, types of roads.
  6. I've gone 50km on reserve...was starting to panic towards the end :p
  7. Wow. 36 is the most I've done - by accident. I was riding home, thinking about how I'd hit reserve just before I got to a friend's house earlier that night.

    "Well, 2L in reserve.. I usually get 25km/L or so.. But let's call it 20 to be safe. 2*20 is 40km. And I'm nowwww.... 33km from my friend's place. Oh. I better get fuel."

    Put in 12.56L, which is close enough to empty for me. :LOL:
  8. i've never tried running near empty on my cbr250rr bcoz im scared i might not be able to get fuel from where im stuck =P hehe

    but i usualy get 176,180 on primary.

    as said, never tried running till dry.

    but i love when u fill up the primary and u hear the engine starts and it sounded like the bike is happy and full with a loud rawr hehe

    *vrOom vrOom* catchu later
  9. Since I've had my VTR, I've averaged putting in 11.5 litres after hitting reserve. 290-310km on primary tank. Averaging 3.81 litres per 100km, so theoretically I should get 52km on the 2L reserve. Not going to try it though - straight to a Servo.
  10. there is filling up and filling up. i ran her dry, which was 27kms after switching to reserve, then got 12.5l in the tank.
    i rarely got more 220kms before reserve, but that was more to do with my throttle bashing.

    the fuel tank does definatley not have a 6.5l reserve.

    i miss my VTR250, and its only been 48 hours :cry:
  11. yay for a fellow throttle basher - i get around 210 before reserve, ran completely dry at 230 once, and the tank took 12.9 litres
  12. yep, i get similar, about 260-280km of city riding before hitting reserve. And about 290-310km of highway riding before hitting reserve. Have run out of petrol once because I didn't flick the switch from reserve back to primary and wasn't monitoring the tripometer....rookie mistake.....thankfully I was only about 400m from the closest petrol pump when I ran out.

    I'm with you idontlikemondays, sold my VTR250 today, will be delivering it tomorrow so will be a sad day to see it go indeed.
  13. I'm averaging 3.46 litres per 100km over the last year since I got the VTR, with mainly city riding, and a few highway stints. Which would mean I'd get about 58 km on a 2 litre reserve, but thankfully I haven't tested that in practise and run her dry yet. :)
  14. I hit reserve a couple of times and only put in 10L to 11L each time. That amount of fuel last between 250km and 300km city ride. The manual stated the reserve has 3L (2005 model) so I assume it can go for 75km at least.
  15. VTR250 fuel

    Is there a possibility that you didn't reset the meter when you filled her? Or maybe didn't fill her to the brim to begin with?

    I generally try and fill my VTR around the 190-200km mark. Going on reserve would give me a sense of urgency I don't need.
  16. Great topic guys.
    I've only had my VTR a week, but brilliant tip to set the trip meter, they should teach that one!!

    Picked up th bike last week and sloshed the tank, not much there so decided I would fuel up on the way home. After fuelling checked the fuel tap again in full sunlight, lucky, because the shop had it switched to reserve.
    I'm still on my first tank but I'll fill her soon, reset the trip meter and see how many k's I use per tank to fine tune it.
  17. My fist few tanks went for 300 kms+ , last couple lucky ot have seen 280km.

    Took off Sunday morning for a ride, looked at trip meter, "i swear i had done more KM's than that"... good thing i turned around when I did, mate at work owned up this morining. Thought it was a great laugh - Not sure he thought it soo funny when he found the days rubbish in the tray of his ute :D