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VTR250 fuel recommendations

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by VC, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I have been reading the posts about who uses what and everyone seems to slam Optimax? I have used it on occassions (most convenient) and haven't noticed any dramas or changes in performance so methinks I am not very sensitive to how my VTR is going!

    But do any of you VTR owners, past and present, have a preference for fuel?

    The manual doesn't say much apart from "Unleaded". I've always used PULP from various suppliers but I'm wondering if there are some that are better than others? Or even if I should just be using the regular stuff like the Spadas?
  2. I dont know how this "Spada's run better on regular unleaded" thing got legs, mine runs much better on premium.

    Optimax is an additive based premium as opposed to a refined premium. It runs quite well in larger capacity engines but smaller capacity engines are much better off running something like Mobil 8000. A VTR250 is going to be less sensitive to fuel quality than something a bit harder tuned like a CBR/FZR/ZXR250 but it still pays to keep an eye on what you are putting into your tank.
  3. The CB250 runs on Mobil 6000 PU/LRP and I can get about 400kmph a tank without going to reserve.
    When I use just ULP that goes down to about 360-370kmph.
  4. not sure about comparisons to other types/brands but i use BP Ultimate and my VTR is always running well.
  5. I think this has been covered a squillion times in a squillion other posts, although most of the time it's opinion rather than facts. From the few I've scanned before promising myself I'd never read another one of these posts I think it was suggested that Shell sell a heavier fuel so carburetted bikes struggle. However the general consensus was that it's fine with fuel injected bikes.

    There's been a lot of talk about gunking up engines and the like, from what I've heard this will not happen, it's just that the carburettor will struggle to get Shell fuels moving into the engine so a loss of performance (to some degree) will be noticed. However I'd now suggest you start using Mobil on Nodz' advice - 400 kilometres per hour isn't too shabby for a CB :D.

    From what I've managed to extrapolate from the numerous times this has been covered if you have a carburetted bike it's suggested you stay away from Shell unless you absolutely have to. I'd doubt you'll get too many of the knowledgeable peoples replying to these, its been covered far too much, so you'd probably be best reading the other posts or taking my (possibly imagined) advice.