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VTR250 fender & bars done

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, May 13, 2009.

  1. I reckon my little VTR just gained a few Cool Points
    Just finished replacing the handlebars with lower ones,
    and fender eliminated (box from jaycar, light & FE off ebay - s3performance)
    (led indicators on the way)
    Here are the results, I think she's pretty sexy :]

  2. Pot some better pics of the bars and FE, so we can see.
  3. pic from behind for the fender, pic from above the seat looking forward, for the bars.

    do it now!! :p
  4. also, your bike is clean. ride more :grin:
  5. Nibor, Don't you wash yours after every ride?? :shock:
  6. Only after each crash... so close enough
  7. hey when i took that photo i'd been riding every single day, every chance i got, for 2 months straight, but of a night i would often go into the shed and give my bike .... attentions ....
    (also before taking photos)
    i'll take those other photos sometime

    however i'm not very proud of close inspections on the tail;
    the box wasn't "tall" enough,
    and was hard to get it low enough to have something to screw the indicators into
    while also having something to bolt to the frame
    and not having to cut the forward section so the frame angle didn't tilt it ....
    end result the top is ca. 2cm below the tail - enough for the tool kit to fall out in bumpy carparks apparently (recovered though)
    and wet to get into (now has speed holes)

    the bars are nice, feels a lot cooler position even if they're a bit wide
    they're just ventura steel ones $50 (ends ca. $20 i think...)
    tried a friend's aluminium renthals with ca. 1 inch cut off each end, from his cb900
    but found them still too upright & not properly curved for me
    (nor him, he reckons his back hurt but i blame his girly scooter-trained posture)
    (btw if anyone wants to buy some aluminium low renthals like this http://is.gd/HR0Z let me know)

    apparently the led indicators arrived the other day, should look pretty sik
    (to be honest i kind of prefer the look of globes but led = smaller & tidier)

    however bling aside, sounds like i've done something nasty to my gear shift linkage, which makes me sad :cry:
  8. The bars, did you need to make any wiring/cable mods? Or straight swap? I quite like that little mod on the vtr, looks mad. Not sure about feel .