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Featured VTR250 Feeling a bit sluggish

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Isaac1, May 6, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,
    After running out of fuel and switching to reserve my bike has felt really sluggish in low rpm and has stalled out once or twice. So I'm assuming there was some gunk in the bottom of the tank and the carbies might need a look at. After making it home I began to check everything over, took off the tank and checked the air filter, replaced the sparkplugs (they were shocking) but it still ran the same. Today I drained both carbies and the fuel that came out was crystal clear so not sure where to go next. Was planning to flush the carbs out with some cleaner on the weekend but thought I'd ask on here before hand. After that I'd be pulling them off for a clean
    I've looked at other threads and found similar issues but no clear solution yet. Any input would be appreciated


  2. crud made it to low speed jets/ports?
  3. Possibly, haven't got into the carb to check yet though
  4. if you shine a torch in the tank, can you see any gunk in the bottom?
  5. Torches are for pussies. Use a match. :)
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  6. Can't get the right angle to see where the fuel is drawn from or to see the filter
    And might leave the match until tomorrow :p
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    Is there an inline filter?
    Water in the bottom of the tank perhaps, although carby draining should have shown that.
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  8. I believe there is an inline fuel filter prior to the fuel tap/aux selector

    Possibly tank dreggs have lodged in the filter and the fuel supply rate has been affected.
    Would explain why the fuel in the carbies still looks good......

    Bah! Beaten by cjvfrcjvfr ......again!
    See what taking the trouble to find an image does......
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  9. I'll have to drain the tank to unscrew the petcock to check the filter. That will have to be on the agenda tomorrow
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions (y)