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vtr250 "feel the real" my bike designed for women

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rdkls, May 28, 2009.

  1. My friend won't let me live this down
    especially since I said his posture was "girly scooter-trained"

    Hi my name is Nick and apparently my bike is designed for japanese women:

    I especially cringe at the bit of the ad where she's sitting on the couch reading a girly magazine and dreaming of her dream man, just like i do all the time, and goes /into/ the magazine .... and she's walking with him on the beach and shit .... that's not why i bought my vtr ... ewwwww .... ewwwwww
    anyway feel free to laugh at all of us vtr riders who until recently thought we had very mean little bikes :cry:
  2. It's okay, thats just for the new FI one. Carbies are where the balls are at.
  3. They picked a good spot to film the add.......... Great Ocean Road.

    Just out of Apollo Bay near Wye River I think.
  4. No joke, I could have SWORN those were aussie cliffs.
  5. Odd because the vtr250 isn't exactly a small 250...

    Try a ninja250... My calves were in the spot my knees were meant to be in.
  6. I'm cringing more at the shots of them twisting the throttle, then the sound of a bike going PAST, THEN the bike accellerating, at not much of a rate either, away from the camera driving next to it.

    Take note of the road signs as well. There's those big green signs we have here telling distance of a town etc., the yellow and black arrow signs for a bend, and a couple of shots where the yellow suggestive signs have crept in as well.

    Also, half of the scenery shots are from "stock" video, aka video which pretty much every media, advertising etc. company can use. That's probably why they look familiar (I've never been on the GOR, but the shots even looked familiar to me.), you've probably seen them before in an add, news report, tourism campaign, current affairs report, etc.

    Also, they needs to learn to ride. At LEAST have a couple of shots of them going knee down in a promotional video and not constantly looking like douchebags.

    Tell the truth, that would make me shy away from buying one, not want to buy one. I HATE Japanese pop "soul".
  7. Which is probably why those ads havent made it to AUS. :p.
  8. If you watch till the end of the vid you will see the location as "Australia".
    Having ridden the GOR many times I can safely say that this is it.......
  9. What's "girly" about it?

    It's a good looking bike far as I can see. Hardly plastered with "Hello Kitty" now is it? Or do you believe any advertising crap?

    Just because the focus of this ad is a woman doesn't make it a girly in any sense, and for Stueh, knee down? C'mon, that's hardly going to help sell the bike to their target audience as much as we'd all like to see it.

    It's a Japanese ad for the Japanses market. I'd think Honda have a fair idea of what needs to go into the ad to help sell the bike.
  10. Never saw this sh$t about Spadas :LOL: :p
  11. So in summary, girls like VTR's, and don't dig spada's.

    Well sheesh. I coulda told ya that :p
  12. Yeah!, Women hate spadas cause they're are such large, intimidating, powerful, manly bikes...... :LOL:

    Women are more interested in vtrs than their owners :)
  13. I watched that whole video and didn't see a single tentacle.

    What a waste of time.
  14. Fixed..
  15. #16 ClueClue, May 28, 2009
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  16. I don't see the problem.

    Summer Glau rides my bike on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I thought it was awesome.

  17. I spose no testicles = fixed, in the veterinary sense at least.
  18. Then you can't "feel the real" anymore.
  19. Yes but Summer Glau is to that chick what Ducati is to VTR :)