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VTR250 exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Pez, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hi..

    I have just brought myself a new VTR250 (1st bike) and am looking for some advice on exhaust's to look at for better performance and sound

    thanks for any advice

  2. There will be little difference in performance regardless of the muffler you choose, although it will sound faster :)

    Brands you're probably looking at Megacycle, Staintune, Neptune to name few......

    Somewhere between $450 and $700 in price,

    20 minutes to install by a mechanic/shop, probably 45min-1hr of hacksaw fun if you are inclined to have a go yourself.

    If you're keen to hear them, fire up youtube type in vtr250 and a brand and you are more than likely to find a video with one.
  3. Cheers mate

    my thoughts are the more i can be heard the more i will be seen

    it sounds a little like a wet fart at the moment :LOL:
  4. With respect; do it so that the VTR250 sounds like a miniature Ducati (minus the clutch rattle) it deserves to be, not for "safety". :grin:

    Without digging up the ancient 'loud pipes save lives' arguments, it's better to proactively make yourself seen than assume people might notice the annoyingly loud thing beside them through layers of soundproofing and their car stereo.
  5. megacycle make a nice can i reckon.
    im yet to hear a neptune in RL, but theyre supposed to be pretty sweet!

    me, i just drilled a few more holes in the back of the muffler :LOL:
    made her sound.. louder. i wouldnt call it a tuned note, like the professional cans. but hey, it sounded better than your wet fart :p

    up to you, personally i decided to hold back blowing $600+ on a wank factor thing, you'd be lucky to get 1 extra Hp out of it. and u will probably sell her once you're off restrictions. owners like to think so, but mods do not add value to a sale. only if u have a stupid buyer lol.

    and like spots said, do it for the Duke stuck inside!! :grin:
  6. acoustically you want something that will work with the engine you have at an appropriate revs range. noise performance will depend on the pipe dimensons and configuration as well as the amount/quality of packing inside.

    make sure you get a can specific for the bike. if not, find somthing that is made for a bike with virtually identical specs.
  7. Why are you going to spend anything on a new muffler?

    Drill the buggers out - they sound great.
  8. Get a neptune, f-ing loud and sounds great either hitting redline or down shifting.
    Cheap price, and can be made to your specifications.

    Took me 20 minutes to install, used the trusty 9mm grinder to chop the original muffler off! :twisted:

    If you're gonna do it yourself, measure it twice and cut once.
  9. We've got 2 vtrs at home, one with staintune, the other Megacycle carbon, the carbon looks cool.
    Both sound nice, the staintune is louder and a little raspier, my pick.

    Performance, we've lost a fair bit of performance from standard. One day I put the old muffler back on with the staintune provided sleeve, and I could not believe how much more go the bike has with it's stock pipe.
  10. has any one here polished the standard muffler?

    i really don't want to change my pipe as i dont see any value in it.. as ill be selling it within 6 months anyway.

    i was thinking of sanding back with 160g - 400g then 800g paper and then using some Metal polish like autosol to give it the mirror effect.
    Obviously i wouldn't do the back because its painted black.

    what do you guys reccon?
  11. just resurecting this thread

    when drilling holes in the exhaust to make it louder, there are 6 small holes at the end of the exhaust, do you just increase the diameter of those or drill extra similar sized holes?
  12. guys, if you put a muffler on a VTR, dont you need a rejet/tune?
  13. Nah, mine's just fine.
  14. Got the same question
  15. Pick one.
  16. A Staintune does not need rejetting, especially if you keep the "noise" sleeve or removable baffle installed.

    Within 10,000 km or so the jet needles will have worn the needle jets slightly bigger and so from 1/4 to 3/4 throttle the engine will run slightly richer than standard, anyway.


  17. You have probably tried it by now, and found that you get a sort of "furting" noise by drilling holes in the baffle or end plate. I've heard standard VTR mufflers which have been modified in that way, and they don;'t sound brilliant.

    You need a very long drill to drill the baffle.

    The best way to improve the sound is with a larger opening to the outside, like Staintune, rather than a lot of small holes.


  18. Hi all,

    Has anyone tried this muffler?

    Seems like a remarkably cheap alternative to everything else out there...

  19. I emailed the seller to tel lme what it sounded like, he said there is a bike with it on youtube. I emailed him several times asking for the exact youtube site address but he never sent it. Maybe its no good?
    Ended up getting a megacycle exhaust and love it. Completely hassle free, would highly recommend.