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VTR250 Exhaust

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by juniorvtwin, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for an aftermarket exhaust for the VTR but $700 seems a bit steep for a staintune slip-on. The NZ made Neptune is about the same $.

    Any suggestions for other locally made zausts??

    Any other VTR riders found a cheaper/better option??
  2. I'm currently looking into replacing the muffler myself and got a quote of $525 for a polished oval alloy Megacycle muffler from www.showandgo.com.au they are based in SA. Otherwise Roo Racing does a carbon muffer for $645:

  3. I've heard both good and bad things about Roo Racing. Megacycle sound good. I've had both the Staintune and the Neptune exhausts on my VTRs. The Staintune gives a sweeter note, but the Neptune is louder and more "boomy". If you're in Sydney, send me a PM or something and we can catch up so you can hear the Neptune :)
  4. He doesn't need to be in Sydney to hear your Neptune though? :wink:
  5. There's a few videos on youtube with the neptune and vtr..

    Can i ask what you paid for it? Are there any aussie dealers or did you order from neptune direct??
  6. I've heard a few and the bottom line is that nothing sounds like the staintune. I've had the Megacycle and the Staintune pipes. and there's no comparison. Plus the staintune has not discoloured like the megacycle one. But! If it's your first bike and you drop it (like I did) it hurts when the pipe gets crushed :LOL: Try the wreckers first, might not be as shiney, but who cares!
  7. :LOL: :LOL: i swear i'm not that bad (i'll go door knocking down in the next suburb just to check)

    juniorvtwin, i ordered mine direct from neptune. I think i paid around 550 for the pipe and restrictor (which hasn't been in the pipe since it was shipped :LOL: ). Fitted it myself, just needed a hacksaw. I got the black carbonfibre look one, so it was the most expensive (But black matches my frame), but it still worked out cheaper than a Staintune... go figure...

    from memory there are no Neptune dealers in Australia, but the Exchange rate works in our favour anyway. Mark's a great person to deal with, really patient.
  8. Just got a quote from Neptune;

    "Thanks for your inquiry.

    An oval polished or brushed stainless steel muffler is AUD$493.00

    Freight is AUD$45.00

    There is a 3 year warranty on the muffler.

    Kind regards"

    Probably plus 10% import duty also..

    ~$600 all up.