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VTR250 engine stops without full choke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bawls, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. The bike has been running beautifully and recently had a major service.

    I left it in my friends yard for a few days a week or two ago, and there was a lot of heavy rain and wind. My friend came home to find the bike on its left hand side in the dirt - the ground must have softened with all the rain and the kickstand sunk in. It would have been on its side for around 1 full day.

    It was back upright for about a week before I tried to ride it home, but am now finding that when I go to start it the bike will not idle without the choke on full, and when I give it any throttle the engine dies.

    Any idea's what I can do or what I should check to get it running nicely again?
  2. Check the oil level and make sure engine oil didn't get into places that it doesn't belong (working your way up really, carbs and air filter). You'll need to take the tank off, which is thankfully a 5 minute job on the vtr.
  3. Assuming that when it is running it sounds like both cylinders are firing then it is probably fuel. Any damage to the carbs when it fell over that you can see? Mixture adjustment moved perhaps?

    Water in the float bowls is a major contender, open the drains on the bottom of the carbs and drain them. You will need to then crank for a while to pump new fuel up to the carbs again.
  4. Thanks so much guys I am taking a trailer over to bring the bike home tomorrow where I can start pulling things apart. Couldn't see any damage to the carbs and doubt mixture adjustment would have been moved. I will try draining float bowls and inspect the oil level/air filter/carbs for oil and let you know how I go!
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  5. I don't think you have broken anything. It's not uncommon for something in the carbies or the cabling to go out of whack with a minor fall. The choke is just holding the revs up above the problem. winding un the idle stop screw will do the same.

    My guess is you have a float needle sitting crooked and it's flooding. Might need to pull the bowls.
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  6. When sleeping on it's left side, the crankcase drain on the VTR lets oil back up into the air filter box. Don't ask me how I know.

    Clean or replace your air filter and check the box for leaks. The fuel tank comes off with 3 bolts and some fiddling with the fuel tap pipe clamps.

    I now only let my bike sleep on it's right side.
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  7. Thanks wokwon! That sounds promising. Look forward to getting the bike home tonight to take a look.

    Right side, got it! Maybe I should buy it a little blanket and pillow for a comfier sleep too.
  8. You'd know if this was the problem, oil in the air box makes it smoke like something that smokes a lot.
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  9. before pulling the bowls off, turn the choke off whilst holding the throttle open a bit. Then reve the tits off is a few times. This may be enough to get the float needles to re-seat.
  10. Thanks ibast I will try that!
  11. Okay so I drained the float bowl and it looked as thought there could be a little bit of oil in there. Also checked air filter which was all okay. It was much better - still started a bit rough but after a good ride she's running beautifully again. Thanks for all the help everyone!
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  12. Just jump on the damn thing once you've started it and take it for a little ride.
    I'm sure it will clear it self as you've flooded it when it was laying down.
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