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VTR250 colour - best resale value?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gobbledegeek, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Would anyone have any idea which colour of the VTR250 resells best?

    Yes it's come down to this! I have opted for the Honda above the Hyosung but find myself stuck on what colour to choose :roll: Black, blue or red? I thought the best way to decide was to get whatever resold best.

    I have also toyed with the idea of a getting a custom colour done such as silver or platinum.

    If I had the money, I might be aiming for something like this:

  2. Custom painting can be a bit of a trap with resale - some buyers may be prepared to pay a little bit more but many are also going to suspect it's been done to cover up damage. Either way unlikely you're going to get back the money spent on respraying. As for standard colours best bet would be to simply go with what YOU like best - no point in having a bike you don't like the colour of simply to get a few extra bucks come upgrade time. If you're really worried about resale don't buy new in the first place - a near-new 2nd hand bike is going to depreciate far less than a new one no matter what the colour.
  3. A custom colour will generally not sell for as much as a standard colour, most peeps see them as crashed.

    Which standard colour sells best? I guess you really just need to see which sold the most as to whic one is most popular. It would be between yellow and black I reckon...

    I don't like the look of the early ones with the white frames.
  4. blaaaaaaaaaaack
  5. I would think black too...
  6. Black and Red seem to have the best resale values.
    Apparently the only colour I've heard the shops say can be hard to move is yellow.......
  7. :WStupid: :grin:
  8. Matt Black would be the pick of the bunch :wink:
  9. THe most popular colour you see being sold is the black, but I was in a bike shop the other day and they said they have actually been selling more red & blue than black of late. Don't know if it was just salesman speak or what, but thats what he said.

    Personally, I'm about to buy the blue one for myself.
  10. Red and Black both pretty good.

    Matt black look too much like undercoat to me - and try TOO hard to be Ducati lookalike..., so I bought a red one. If Honda has one in gloss black I'll go for it for sure.

    Don't see too many blue one out there... (Why u want a blue Honda anyway. :LOL: )

    The V-PER looks nice, specially in red.




    The kits cost aus$3500 + p&h + fitting...
  11. i have a shiny black VTR :) ... older model though!!... i do like those V-PER kits :cool: ... now save for a bigger bike/ or buy the kit? lol
  12. Yeah, gotta love the V-PER kit... Wasn't aware they are available here in Australia, I'd only seen the Japanese pages for 'em. :)

    Don't know about the cropped-tail variant... I do like the single-seat conversion. :)

    Once I'd settled on a VTR (though frankly, the only other bike I fit on comfortably was the Hyosung), it -had- to be black. Black tank, black seat, yellow spark leads, gold wheels, sexeh. :9
  13. V-Per

    Hey.. just wondering where to get an aussie contact detail in regards to the V-Per... i like the rear hugger and the other version of the V-per better with the cut off seats... just wondering where you would get that ordered in and how much it would cost...
  14. :shock: Looks like most of the fairing has fallen off.
  15. V-Per

    Does anyone know of a contact number to get this? or ways in which to import this by ourselves?
  16. Why would anyone want to spend 3.5 k on an add on for a 250 that aint going to give you a cracker come resale? :?

    Oh and Red is the best :wink:
  17. Sorry to bump an old thread but where did you find this price do you have a website or phone number i can contact the distributor?
  18. from what i've heard yellow is pretty hard to sell
  19. the hardest, actually
    across the car and bike market, yellow offers the lowest resale value
    possibly because it's nice and vibrant and huesome when you look at it in the showroom, then fades like hell and looks piss-poor after you get an aussie summer into it
  20. If my experience is anything to go by, colour isn't overly crucial. With only 3 colours per year model to choose from, my price bracket (and location) didn't leave me much choice. My worst choice would have been the Candy/Burgandy/Dark Red one. Best Choice would have been Matt Black, Gloss Black or Blue. Which one did I buy? The Burgandy Red one! Because it was the Best Overall Condition, Good K/M's, had Staintune and Ventura Rack & Bag. Oh, well. Sometime's we don't get exactly what we want.