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VTR250 Clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Roll On, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    Had a quick look at a VTR250 with a couple of thousand K's on it. Releasing the clutch there was a odd feeling on releasing the clutch - like a judder but not quite as aggressive as that. No sign of slip though.

    I take it that's not right - any VTR owners who can attest to a silky smooth release?
  2. Silky smooth release on mine, however if revs are just a nudge too low the whole bike will shudder briefly. Might just need to keep the revs a little higher or let the clutch slip just a bit more. Could this be the case?

    It's a fairly simple clutch system in these though, and it could even be the type of oil put in there as friction modifiers can wreak havoc on wet clutches. Worst case scenario would pretty much be a new clutch and oil which shouldn't set you back too much - especially if you change it yourself.
  3. Could be. It was a test ride and a number of things didn't add up to what I expected from everything I'd read.

    Bit of clutch judder was only in 1st gear - changes were quick and fine. What surprised me was after 20 mins I had to get off the thing - vibration buzz through the groin and hands was shocking. Most of the ride was about 5-6k rpm.
  4. I'm confused??? are you saying this is a bad thing ;)

    V-Twins by nature throw out some vibrations
  5. Ordinarily no!>:O

    But this was painful. Bike has stood unused for a while so who knows if something is going on there but this was butt and ball numbingly painful after a short time. Certainly expected buzz up in the revs put this was worse than CB125 at full noise.
  6. Sounds like a gummed up carburetor making it run rough if it's been sitting a while. Was it a bugger to start first time round? I've got no issue riding for hours at high revs (7-8k rpm cruising on the freeway, the poor little motor) vibration wise, even if I were riding in shorts. This would make taking off in first worse too.

    Strip and clean of the carbys is probably all that's needed - there's not much else to the bike anyway.
  7. It was an EFI model. Walked away now really - just don't get a good feeling about it. Shame had potential to be a nice little bike.
  8. I've heard that on the VFR400s that juddering when actuating the clutch can mean that the clutch is going bad.