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VTR250 clutch sticks/grabs :/

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by t, May 6, 2006.

  1. well sort of i try and explain,

    i took my bike to the mechanic to get it serviced, sprockets, chain and steering head bearing also replaced, picked it up took it home and it was all feeling nice again

    the next arvo i was going to take it to get some petrol so i could ride to work the next day but when i put it in gear with the clutch pulled all the way to the hand grips it wanted to go forwards quite a bit (enough to put feet up and roll off) i took it back to the mechanic so he could have a look, but after a minute of riding there the problem stopped, the mechanic checked it out nothing was a miss

    went to go to work this morning (6AM) and it was worse when i went for first it would just stalled after a few attempts of this i gave up and took the car.

    I left it in the sun today and warmed it up for a while and then went to go it did not stall but still i could take off with the clutch all the way in, kept riding it and after a minute it stopped and felt all good again.

    so can someone please give me any ideas why when the motor is cold the clutch has a mind of its own it was fine before i got it serviced :?
  2. Sounds like the mechanic has put a heavier weight oil in.

    If it a wire clutch mechanism, then you may be a ble to get a bit back by fiddling with the adjustment, to get the take up point further out.
  3. the mechanic thought maybe be heavier oil too but i just checked and has always he the same oil in it (motul 5100 4T 15W/50 synthetic)..so he suggested the clutch plates might be worn and need to be replaced (sounds expensive :() im just leaving it for now and might take it on a bit of a run and see how it is and if it still persist after that then take it in
  4. 50W oil is heavy for a water cooled bike.

    I'd even consider 40W oil in winter on an air cooled bike.

    You could probably get away with 30W from now untill say late september. 40W if you want to be conservative.