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VTR250 Clip ons

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by virtual_circuit, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Was just wondering if putting clip ons, on a VTR250 would seem silly. I just like the leaning forward position of sports bikes, as i find i can grip the tank with my legs better. I think the forks are 43mm. Anyone know where a good place to purchase them would be in Queensland (just moved up yesterday!)

  2. Not sure it this helps, but I have a Hornet 900 with the same standard 'bars set up as your VTR250. I've considered clip-ons, but in my case they would hit the tank before I reach the steering lock, & I would still have to deal with the handlebar clamp on the top triple clamp now not holding anything - looks crappy like that.

    My option is Ace or Clubman handlebars. Had them previously on a Kawasaki Zephyr 750, but not sure how easy they are to get hold of here in Australia any more. One option I've Googled is via Ebay.
    When I get around to getting & fitting them I'll post pix.

    Right now I run Renthal 'low rise' road handlebars. Way lower than the stock Hornet 'bars, so my riding possie is cantered slightly forward, but not exactly as much as I was hoping. They are also slightly wider to accomidate the levers & switchblocks, wheres the stock 'bars get away with that by rising so high & allowing heaps of room for the cables/brake hose & wires to route into the instrument cluster etc.
  3. There's a couple of issues, looked into it myself once too.
    One positive is that with 100s of bike models out there with conventional 41mm forks, finding a pair to try down a the local wreckers shouldn't be an issue.
    The tank clearance makes it difficult to fit though. You need some bars where the bar is eccentrically positioned from the clamp, and rather severely at that.
    Here's a good shape to look for:

    And the one that will give less tank clearance:

    As marx posted though, it'll leave a top triple-clamp with an empty mount slot which not ideal for looks, but if you were creative you could use the mount for a gps/clock etc
  4. You can get clubmans in Brisbane from BJ's British bikes in Woolloongabba for ~$62. I've got them on my SV. My brother just bought a VTR250, so naturally i have been looking at sneakily fitting a set of clubmans on his bike. The clubmans are easier to fit than clipons. The problems i think you would encounter are:
    1. Hitting the tank. The stndard bars are already very close to knocking the tank.
    2. Brake lines. They might get a little squashed up and be put under stress.
    3. Clearance of the triple clamp. The VTR looks like its got more clearance than the SV, but it'll still be close. This might also limit your suspension adjustability if you have it. This particular point now has me sort of wishing i went with clipons.

    I think you can see a photo of my bike with clubman bars in the garage link, or search for my thread on it. I think i called them ace bars though.
  5. That is not too far from my work, i might go check him out this week. Cheers!
  6. Clubmans can also be a bit of a stretch.

    Clipons will be great, but I always find them awkward without some rearsets. The VTR has a great sit-up-and-beg position that would be hard to beat.
  7. Duff had clipons on his vtr250, VERY sporty. They were actually SV650S aftermarket race clipons, he loved them and they looked awesome.