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VTR250 clicking noise when cold

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by linerunner, May 10, 2007.

  1. Had a search but cant seem to find anything yet so if someone has asked this already then my apologies...

    When I start the VTR (its an 02 with 30,000kms) from cold it makes like a clicking or a ticking noise that builds with the revs. The clicks stay around until the engine is quite hot/warm ie: if I warm it with the choke for 5 mins or so in the morning it will still make it but after the warmup and the 10 minute fang to work the noise is gone. After the noise is gone, if I turn it off then turn it on a few minutes later the noise is still gone, so I figure its to do with heat?

    My old FZ750 and the RG's never made noises like this: is it a V-twin specific noise or just because my old bikes werent as advanced?
  2. It will likely just be the tappets, all my hondas have done this when cold.

    A tappet adjustment may cure it if it's due (usually included with a major service), but I wouldn't worry too much if it hasn't reached this mileage yet.

    Edit: Just saw the mileage. Has it had its major service done yet (usually due somewhere around 25,000 km's)?

    If not, then get it done as it can make a right mess of the engine if left unattended for too much longer.
  3. Check the cam chain tensioner/lifter
  4. My Spada makes a noicelike you describe. Has done it since i got the bike.

    I've had a service done including cam chain tension etc so who knows...i've ridden about 12-14,000 KM since i got it so i'm thinking it's nothing too detrimental :) at least i hope so :?
  5. Is there any oil in it?
  6. the noise is pretty normal mate. the cam chain tensioner works by oil pressure, which isnt at its norm till the engine is near operating temp. when you start hearing irregular clicks or taps at any temp, your are in need of a valve clearance check.

  7. Thanks guys.
    Yes Vic there is oil in it :shock:
    It has a full service history but is 1000kms out - so the last one was at 26000 and Ill be booking the next one for 31000.

    Glad to hear that its a normal noise! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. cam chain tensioner noise tends to go away if you rev, though not always. But I'd guess it's tappets anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much if they were right.
  9. How you have me worried..... the noise i get goes away when revved but it is definately in time with cylinders firing, not a continuois noise like i'd expect a chain to make.

    will ask about/check it at spanner day.... looks like my bike is getting an overhaul then :)
  10. Don't worry too much, it still may be tappets. They are harder to here as other engine noise comes in. Also a cactus cam chain tensioner is not the end of the world. It's not that xy and it's easy to replace.
  11. i should hope my cam chain is ok, was apparently new just before i bought the bike ....and it has been checked since. Still..will be good to check it myself and make doubly sure :grin:
  12. It wouldn't be the chain itself, rather the tensioner
  13. Oh right :oops: . will check it all.
  14. Well the noise goes away sometimes with revs. If its idling and making the noise I can rev it and it can go away briefly, until the revs come back down.

    Is this tensioner? Or still tappets? What are tappets anyway?
  15. tappets..... not terribly clear but i believe they are what sits between the cam shaft and the valve stem.

    ok mr google where are you.......?

    edit: yup i was right.. they are what actually pushes the valve open when the cam is in the right position.
  16. nothing to worry about. just the tappets. all bikes does this but it goes away when riding or reving.