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VTR250 cam chain noise?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Spots, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. De-lurking somewhat, especially as I now have a motorcycle of my own, finally lured to the two-wheeled-side by Melbourne friends... :)

    Since I'm mostly used to maintaining and listening to my Mk1 MR2's little engine, I have pretty much no idea what my VTR should or shouldn't sound like.

    Last night I noticed last night that at a few thousand RPM (but not at idle) the engine makes a "zmmmming" noise which I assume is the cam chains whirring away.

    The bike's only done perhaps 15,000km before it came into my hands, so I'm hoping that it's normal behaviour - but I've never heard any engine make that sound before.

    Is this normal for a VTR250?
  2. "zmmmming". If the bike has just started "zmmmming" when it never used to, then I'd say "zmmmming" is a bad noise and should be looked into.

    Quite often it can be a cam chain tensioner that gives us strange noises and should be fixed before it destroys the engine. Failed cam chains are catastrophic and very expensive repairs if they let go.

    Personaly, I like the word and would like to use it in future conversations if you don't mind. I went "zmmmming" past.

    How many noises can be accurately potrayed into text?
  3. Sorry no help with the VTR but welcome to the forums. You're not a member of the MR2 forum as well by any chance? (have an Aus-delivered SW20 myself).
  4. zmmmming.... Ummmm, I own a 03 VTR250 and have never noticed it zmmmmm... Unfortunatly, checking out the cam chains will require the mechanics to remove the engine so you're looking at quite a few $$$ :(
  5. That's why I ask - the bike is "brand new" to me, so is it normal to be able to hear the cam chain whirring? No clunks or grinding sounds, just the "zzzz" or "zmmm" sound of a chain meshing with sprockets, like on my mountainbike.

    I borrow the onomatopoeia from the Bike Inspection List on this forum, at any rate, so I can't be credited with inventing it.

    Not a member of the MR2 forum, no - I frequent http://www.mr2oc.com however, and am a member of the MR2 Club of Australia. :)
  6. I cannot help you unfortunately. However I can point you to where you can download the VTR250 service manual, incredibly useful.

    VTR250 service manual thread.
  7. Not vtr specific, but bike engines tend to be noisier then car engines particully when it come to natural frequency related noise.

    My theory is it's because car engines carry a lot more meat in their castings because weight is less important.

    They also tend to have belt driven cams these days too.
  8. Hmm think I registered with mr2oc once but I've forgotten my login. I usually just stick with mr2.org.au - most of the US info's no good to me given that they chose to use the Camry engine in their non-turbo models.
  9. Hi Spots, glad to see you have "De-lurked" welcome to the forum!

    I have a VTR and it has done about 10,000 ks and I havent noticed any "zmmmming" might want to get it checked out.
  11. Perhaps you could compare your sound with another vtr250 running them side by side?

    On the subject of noise, I sh@t myself the other day when I fired up the motor without my helmet on for the first time. I wondered what the hell had happened 'til I realised. I got a good laugh out if it though.

    Do let us know how you go.
  12. That'd be neat, if you could. :)

    I only noticed it last night because I didn't wear my earplugs (just a short trip down 50kph roads, so wind noise wasn't an issue).

    Not noticable at idle, but audible when holding the motor at a few thousand rpm (eg: cruising at 50kph in 3rd/4th, or holding those revs while stopped - Since it makes the sound while stationary, it's obviously not the drive chain).

    Tempting to wander down the street during a lunch break and ask one of the motorcycle shops if they can start one of their VTRs up, just to see if it makes the sound too.

    At any rate, thanks for the welcomes and the assistance, everyone. :)
  13. My VTR has done about 33K, no zmmmming sound, but I do hear the valvetrain components at idle, especially when its really cold in the morning.

    It doesn't take long to get under the rocker covers and have a quick look, wind the engine round and watch valvetrain in action, check clearances etc. more work actually replace cam chains, but easy to have a look.
  14. Does the engine make the same noises when it's cold and hot?

    I reckon you're probably hearing tappet noises, if so totally normal. Some engines can be very 'tappetty' at a specific rpm. Mine is more noticeable just over tickover when the engine is hot.

    I personally wouldn't be too worried. If you really want to get rid of any doubt, take it to a dealer and give them a listen.
  15. Listened out for the zmmmmm yesterday evening on my way home and this morning on my way in... never really done that before and was suprised by the number of distinct sounds that I could make out... no Zmmmmmmm though.. sorry...