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VTR250 - buy new or second hand

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mickeym, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, i was looking at gettin a GT250R but after a lil more research desided to go for a naked bike which will hold value a little better.

    I've been looking at VTR's and i'm just woundering would it be worth buying a brand new one? Doesn't seam to be a huge difference in price between a brand new one and one thats 1 or 2 ears old.

    With paying the extra grand or two your gettin a bike with no k's on it and warrenty. Then a year or two (or maybe even months if i feel confident) i should be able to sell it at only a small lose.

    Am i on the right track here? If you guys had money to spare and was in my situation what would you do?
  2. Hey,

    I bought a 2000 model vtr250 at the start of this year to learn on and it's been awesome. It had ~26,000 k's when I got it, and now I'm nearly up to 34k.

    I couldn't justify buying a new one when I knew there was a possibility of crashing (hasn't happened yet thankfully), not liking riding that much, and the fact that I'd want to upgrade once I'd had some practice.

    And now for the dodgy part.. I'm getting a cbr600f next week, and because it's on sale the trade in for the vtr was next to nothing, so I'll be getting a roadworthy through Toowoomba Honda and then selling it privately.

    If you're interested let me know.. I'll be getting a pre-inspection certificate done to hand over with it, and it will be a lot cheaper than buying it new. (I'm looking for about $3800)

    And just so you know, Toowoomba Honda also has a second hand vtr250 for sale too.
  3. there are really reliable if you look after it i got a 2000 model with 49000k's on it and it has never missed a beat :D
  4. I'm sure theres a few $K difference in the price. The dealer price is reasonably tight from what they have on it for a new bike and the 2nd hand prices although they may look high are usually pretty negotiable and this is where the savings are.
  5. Buy new and loose $2k in 1 years time or buy second hand and loose $500 in 1 years time.

    Seems to be about the way it goes with VTR250s
  6. OpsuPup what color is it? and yea i would be interested but i dunno how long untill i buy, you see i'm waiting on some money and have been told it should be within the next few weeks, but who knows. Then i'll be gettin my licence then i plan to ride alot of bikes and see wat feels 'right'.

    However from the date i get my money it'll only b between a week or two when i actully buy, coz atm i can't wait any longer!!!!
  7. My first bike was a vtr 250 2001 model it was beautiful to ride, I would definitely go second hand because they most definitely hold their value if you look after it.
  8. Just bought a vtr 250 2005 from Honda World

    I didn't really want to fork out money for a new one, but being a smaller breed of female, it would be a bike that would stay with me for a long time. Any bigger and i might drop it, but i hate scooters, so that wasn't a option.

    So far so good with the vtr, had alot of comments on how nice it looks for a 250 and put a different pipe on it to make it sound grunty...:)
    Its all good
  9. Hey,

    It's black and it's got a staintune exhaust on it..

    I'm going to take it down to Honda 'cos they will put it with their second hand bikes and try to sell it from there, so it might still be there in a few weeks..

    I'd definately recommend second hand though. I bought mine privately from someone near Brisbane, but I made sure I got a pre-purchase inspection with it so I knew I wasn't buying something that had been dropped or wasn't straight. (or needed something major repaired).

    The vtr's are pretty sweet, I only want to trade up because it's doing a lot of revs at highway speeds, but I suppose a lot of 250's would be like that anyway..

    And when I went for my opens I went through TK's driving school, the instructor was really patient and I'd recommend them when you're ready to go for it.
  10. I think i'll b going to cycle right down in brissy, they're around the corner from my parents place and its a family business and people have said they'll be friends for life.

    Yea it might be an option but i don't think theres much more i can do untill i get my licence and test ride a heap of bikes.

    But yes concidering i will most likly upgrade (as i'll be driving to brissy alot) soonish i'ld best b getin a second hand one in gd cond.